Dunlop Cavern: Curse of the Eggnog

As a hardcore Binding of Isaac player, I actually find dying is a enjoyable experience. This game has rougelike elements that you learn your the game by your previous mistakes. What is with the rage? Is it some kind of new-gen feedback?

It's not that at all, as stated this game was for a contest. Marrend is one of the judges, so there may be some pressure to make progress in order to make a verdict. Being prompted to rush alongside some of the rogue-esque mechanics as well as possible imbalances/bugs, may result in a lot of deaths. In any case, though I'd like the game to be challenging, I don't want the challenge to be a turn-off.

(Spoilers): Initially all the boss monsters were set to chase you like any other mob, but seeing how even I was turning corners into a lot of battles, bosses were eventually set to just roam randomly and were also slowed.

Dunlop Cavern: Curse of the Eggnog


How the hell am I supposed to look for stuff that will help me when I can't see four feet in front of me!
Er, sorry about that. I'm on my fourth attempt at this game, and frustrations are mounting.

SAVE POINT!? Yes, please!

And, of course, I quit the game the "wrong" way, and my save file won't load because of it. I hate my life, and trying desperately not to hate on the game. I was forwarned about this, after all.

Hey, your experience is your experience, don't put yourself down it could very well be the game's fault. Maybe I should buff the candles, increased time/vision. I think the other aspect that is sort of detrimental to the current version is the fact that all the tilesets are hard to distinguish from one another. The darker tiles are supposed to indicate potential spawn-points for items and are also areas that mobs cannot access. As far as the save bug, you can by all means hate on the game for it, I know I do. Throughout production and testing it never crossed our minds to try and continue after closing the application, it was already instinctive that saves would be corrupted after working in the editor; we didn't realize that another core system was afflicting everything.

The basic pattern to the game is to search for the dark tiles, looking for red keys/ peddlers. If you find a peddler, fight the nearby mobs to farm a bit so you can get either candles or eggnog to aid you in further exploration. If you find a red-key, try to either find the red room or another peddler. There are some more "tips" given in the provided strategy guide if your willing. But again, at this point it isn't wise for me to point fingers at the player, because if there are key things that the game is not conveying efficiently, then I have done something wrong.

In retrospect, should the game be enraging you, you do not need to apologize to me about such rage. I'd rather receive a negative response than a lukewarm one, as I've stated at this point, all commentary is insight. I am very grateful that you are willing to persevere through my game despite your frustrations, and am ready to accept whatever verdict the current build may formulate.

Dunlop Cavern: Curse of the Eggnog

So, presumably, I died from terrain damage, of all things. Before I was able to find a way to save. I'm off to a positively great start with this game, aren't I?

author=Dunlop Cavern: Curse of the Eggnog
“Medium-Core” Aspects– Limited vision, vulnerability to terrain, inability to save in unsecure places, inability to escape combat, inability to move quickly, and the fact that you are in this alone. Such aspects may seem indefinite… but are they?

I wouldn't worry Marrend, I tried to design the game so problems like that were encountered, but with adequate solutions to be found if the player looks for them. This isn't mentioned in the description, but there are numerous "end-states" as far as gear that may or may not alleviate some of these "aspects". (Though, I hope there isn't something wrong in their database entries...)

But in any case (minor, minor, spoiler):

Dunlop Cavern: Curse of the Eggnog

I really enjoy it so far!

A few observations, that you may or may not already know of:
- Red Keys can be used from the inventory, at which point they disappear. If the game is set to only generate a certain number of Red Keys in a single playthrough, they can be rendered lost permanently and thus keep the red doors closed for good. Of course, I was kind of an idiot to do that, but it's still something to keep in mind xD
- Trying to use the Sweetness skill outside of battle crashed the game, referencing a line of code in the "Animated Battlers" script.

Thank you for the report! Don't feel bad about doing the red key thing, it's small things like that I know I overlooked.

These are actually some peculiar issues, I think I have some ideas; the red keys are set to only be used from the menu, and I instinctively set them to "consume." So when prompted by the red door to use it, you'd lose one. However, that might actually be pointless because in the event for the doors I already set it to subtract one from your inventory regardless so... yeah, thanks for finding that! In the back of my head I just wanted to make sure that players HAD to find all the keys, the basic "Zelda" module.

I'm really sort of lost on the Sweetness skill, there aren't any notetags routing it to the battler script, so I'd have to investigate that further. On the other hand, I'm glad that you managed to get the skill, I was worried about how stable the means of getting it were, that segment was pretty confusing to event so awesome job!

Thanks again for the input, I'll definitely throw this into my compendium for the upcoming patch!

Ghost Lantern

I have a feeling this game will be great! And a really memorable psychedelic game like yume nikki or space funeral, please post a download link soon it looks really interesting and sounds like it might have some Buddhism references
Maybe you've seen it already, but the download link it's below the image

Are you planning to bring the download to the standard profile? (Under Manage games > Ghost Lantern > Downloads) I don't know if you have to, but it'll help you keep track of how many people have downloaded. Regardless, I'm gonna check the game out!

Dunlop Cavern: Curse of the Eggnog

Can't wait to try full version of it!

So you're here too! Thanks for trying it out man, any input I can get at this stage helps immensely!
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