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Twisted baubles replace my brain and I am toxic yet nice. There's a lot to me, but also not a lot going on up there, they say. PM me because I love attention, I do interviews, I do reviews, I do stuff. Here for the long haul. Gotta hustle.

I'm working on whatever I'm working on, and I love RPG Maker games that aren't traditional RPGs. Puzzlers, interactive stories, but nothing too abstract that'll weird me out. Just give me a polished gem and I'll stare at it for days, marveling at the way the light reflects just right, inner inflections, potato top pie.

I want to make games with you.



Would U play an FFX 2D made with RM2K3? (first screenshot)

I would recommend at first to play around with RPG Maker, try to make some good-looking maps, and get a simple 1-2hr game working. Play around with cutscenes and the like, and come back with a little game for feedback. I think you need some practice above all else. But you'll get there! Don't fret.

Unreal Engine and CryEngine are now cheaper than RPG Maker

Oh... mawk's back.

Game Page Idea(s)

Well, fangame as in all those Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games where it's in the title. But there are Yume Nikki-inspired games such as Miserere and Gingiva that never explicitly reference Yume Nikki but are definitely inspired by the gameplay nonetheless. Should probably just call the flavor "Yume Nikki" then. Imo it should probably even be a genre for how common it is.

Edit: And I just realised Unity said the same thing as me. Welp. :P

Game Page Idea(s)

Got a few that might work...

Tool (for engines/game tools)

Yume Nikki
Dating Sim
Classic (for those old RM games being uploaded)

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

@Schwer... Graphically, it looks fantastic. However, how do you navigate the select screen? If you can scroll left and right, there probably should be animated arrows to indicate that you can do so. Perhaps even a "Press Z or Space Bar to enter Chapter 1" prompt is necessary, for those who may not realize it is a stage select screen. I like that character portrait a lot. That kid has the melancholy.

@Kazesui Those particle effects look amazing. I'm sure they will come in handy in a lot of games.

The Top RM Games Of All Time


Note: I also plan to implement a column in the table indicating rise and fall of games during the last 5 lists. e.g. If a game moved up 5 places during the last 5 lists, the "Shift" column would read: (+5). Or if a game moved down 3 places, the "Shift" Column would read: (-3). If a game did not move throughout the ordeal, it would read: (+0). The only disadvantage to this would be overload of information, but I'll see how it displays.

Another possible change is the addition of links to the games, so that when someone clicks on the name, they can be taken to the game's download page, or a relevant download link if no such page exists on this site. This will make it easier for people to check out a particular game they are interested about.

So at this point, I thought I might give a list of the top games for each of the past 5 years. Enjoy!

Top 5 of 2013
1. Homework Salesman
2. The Drop
3. Pom Gets Wi-Fi
4=. Phantom Legacy (Redux), Suzy and freedom

Top 6 of 2012
1. Star Stealing Prince
2. I Miss The Sunrise
3. Wine & Roses
4. Ib
5=. Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy, The Witch's House

Top 5 of 2011
1. Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis
2. To The Moon
3. Leo & Leah
4. Aetherion
5. Wither

Top 7 of 2010
1. Space Funeral
2. Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
3=. Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages, Tales of the Drunken Paladin
5=. Dragon Fantasy, The Tiamat Sacrament, Castle Chase

Top of 2009
1. Hero's Realm
2. Dhux's Scar
3. Exit Fate
4. Love and War: Act I
5. The Reconstruction

The Top RM Games Of All Time

Sorry it took so long for me to update this topic.

@S32 I assume that you are ranking from #1 to #8. I have ranked it as such. If you wish to re-mend your list, then please do not edit the original, but post a new list so that I can compare the differences and make a change. Otherwise I will not be able to know what your original list was to compare. Thanks.

Help Me (And You) Draft Up A Design Outline (fo' yo gamez)

Thanks for all the tips, guys. This is really helping me to be way more productive than I ever was. I was beginning to doubt in my ability to actually complete a worthwhile game, but now I have faith again.

Post an insane lie about the person above you

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