Graphic Designer, Artist, Terrible judge of character, can't tell a spoon from a ladle.



RPG Maker XP movie

''Da, did he not end that humorous anecdote with eating da babies?''

This is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

I congratulate you on your creativity sir. Voice acting is harder that it.. sounds. Seeing this is a first attempt I assume it's not exactly a really serious attempt. But you can see the work you put into it so props for that.

So I Was Thinking of Doing a Let's Play

1 - Dead Rising
2 - Tomb Raider
3 - Shenmue

Sounds like an awesome list to me. If it all goes well maybe I shall dabble in the LP arts. *rubs hands*

Let's Play Hero's Realm: Season 2

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Yeah I gave up playing Agarest wars for now. Just started playing 3D Dot Game Heroes. So fun very simple but a lot of fun. I really Reaaally wanna get Demon Souls when it gets cheaper in the UK.


I don't quite get the door. Either it's me but the path behind it looks odd and that it's layered over the flag.


Yeah that old man is incredibly good looking.

So I Was Thinking of Doing a Let's Play

I loved Sonic Adventure 1 more than any other dreamcast game!

I hated Sonic Adventure 2 more than any game I've ever played in my life. I'll even take E.T. for Atari before I touch that piece of monkey shit ever again. The camera kept getting stuck inside a crate in the first goddamn level. HOW DO YOU MAKE A GAME THAT HORRENDOUS?!

Sonic Adv 2 was a laugh. Plus the Level 1 music was the best.

So I Was Thinking of Doing a Let's Play

I wouldn't do a Pokemon, there's so many of them. I'd like to see a Dead Rising one and a Sonic Adventure one. Though my tastes in LPs I usually like RPG LPs. But yeah Dead Rising would be real good to watch.

Let's Play Hero's Realm: Season 2

I don't understand, who would watch 120 episodes of hero's realm?

You'd be surprised, I usually have it playing in the background. I enjoy the commentary and his input about the game. Once you get into an LP it gets oddly addictive to watch especially if it's got a good host to it.

Let's Play Hero's Realm: Season 2

Good, I've been slowly dying.