The Arms of Reverie
The world is divided by a great darkness known as the Nebula. The Dark forces, led by an Evil Prince are trying to gain control of an ancient power and finish war that began over a thousand years ago.



The Screenshot Topic Returns

Working on some new battlebacks, re-mapped entire first dungeon.

Dumbest Video Game Twists?{Spoilers}

I guess Tidus is an Aeon basically?
And then he killed his caster? Though, that doesn't really makes sense since the final Aeons kill their casters but continue to exist.

The final Aeons were summoned by the Fayth if I remember correctly. Yu Yevon possessed the Aeons after they defeated Sin because they were in a weakened state from fighting Sin. Thus each successive defeat of sin made Yu Yevon stronger.

The Fayth, who are responsible for all summons, created Tidus' Zanarkand so they could continue to live after the war, because they were unsent. They could not be sent until Yu Yevon was defeated because as long as their summons were alive, they could not be sent. Or something. Yeah, it was an interesting game.

Gay Characters

If we really want to start being ethnically and sexually diverse in games as a whole, we need to stop the mindset of seeing characters as objects and let them define themselves as people. If you're willing to let it happen, when you give a character a base and then work from that, you'll find they become their own person very quickly- whether they be straight, gay, female, male, black, white or purple.

Much better said then what I was trying to say, but pretty much exactly what I was getting at. You are just more well spoken then I am, ha.

Gay Characters

Stop being so touchy. It's nice to see other characters, and it's important for the sake of representation, but of course having a white male MC is not INSTANT AZKABAN.

I didn't think I was being touchy, I'm just trying to understand the reasoning behind it. I have agreed from the beginning that diversity is nice, but I just don't understand how white/male automatically represents oppression. I feel that that is just as biased as saying a black/female character automatically represents a struggle against a racist and sexist world.

If people are people, then white/male should be considered a part of diversity, both should be viewed equally and one shouldn't be favored over the other. If someone chooses white/male as it their lead, it should make no difference if you're truly aiming for equality.

Gay Characters

It's a problem because anyone who doesn't fit that exact mold is excluded and pushed to the sidelines. It's a problem because everyone defaults to it. Finally, it's a problem because what we see in the media will affect how we see people in real life, unless we're, like... hyper conscious of it. It's a problem because, like I said before, straight white dudes deal with "problems" while everyone else deals with gender specific or sexuality specific or race specific problems. By having the default character be a white dude, we're essentially perpetuating the idea that anyone who isn't a white dude doesn't deal with these problems!

So it would be bigoted to use a white male protagonist simply because he's a white male?

Gay Characters

and I'll counter that with "what's the problem with not having a white dude as the MC?"

I never said there was a problem with it, did I? I just said it's not a bad thing if they are.

Gay Characters

I don't disagree with you, I was just saying, what's wrong with that? If you can relate to a character for their personality, it shouldn't matter if they are a straight white guy either right?

Saying that you can't relate to a character because they might be a "flamboyant homosexual" (assuming those two words go hand in hand is a little bit ignorant)

I wasn't saying all homosexual's are flamboyant, I was following up on Craze's post that most gay people in the real world aren't like that. But, some people may want a character that is like that, which is the point I was trying to make.

I realize we're all human beings, and I agree that we all have our own preferences. I think a broad view of that idea would be letting people relate to whoever they want to in the vast gamut of personalities and backgrounds. Whether someones preference is narrow or broad should make no impact on your preference.

Gay Characters

Like, no, guys, not every one is white and male and straight and Christian and rich and good looking. Please stop making this what is seen as the default, normal human being.

I don't think that having your protagonist fit this description is a bad thing if it's what you, as the creator of the game can relate to. So if someone enjoys flamboyant homosexual personalities, maybe they can relate to that in a game, idk.

The Joke Topic

This one has gotten me in trouble before but....

A baby seal walks into a club.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

The room is very 'ceremonious', in that it is very symmetrical. It doesn't look natural, but I don't know if that is what you were going for. Otherwise it looks fine I suppose.

It's meant to be, while the cave itself is mostly natural, that room isn't.