The Arms of Reverie
The world is divided by a great darkness known as the Nebula. The Dark forces, led by an Evil Prince are trying to gain control of an ancient power and finish war that began over a thousand years ago.



McAfee set to expire in a week.. Good free alternatives?

I'm a big fan of Avast, that's what I put on all the computers I work on for people. I also am a fan of SuperAntiSpyware as a backup. Avast gives you the real time protection while SAS catches some of the sneakier stuff that slows your computer down.

Game denied. My mapping needs "some pretty serious help." That's less than helpful...

Everyone's advice is solid. The only thing I have to add is try to look at your maps more realistically. Some of the maps you have are just impossible. Try to find a way to give the illusion of a three dimensional world.

But IMHO I've seen worse games get accepted. The video actually made the game look mildly interesting and I think with some mapping help, you could have a decent game here.

New American Bill Proposes making selling non-ESRB rated games illegal

Locke hit the nail on the head. Some company paid a senator to introduce this bill. The government is controlled by corporations. If enough money was put forth to enough politicians, this bill would go through without a problem. Thankfully, that will probably never happen since the money it would cost to get the bill passed would cost more than the money they'd make from it.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Really wish those tiles were painted instead of pixel art, but good looking resources nonetheless. I do like those sprites way better than the default ones. Their shape looks so much more proportionate.

Adobe is giving away Creative Suite CS2 Standard (PC or Mac Digital Download) Free!

Haha, I knew someone would catch that.

Adobe is giving away Creative Suite CS2 Standard (PC or Mac Digital Download) Free!

The wording actually says you 'should' be an owner, not 'must' be an owner. Should implies that you don't necessarily have to be, but it is preferred. If they cared about stopping people, they should use stronger language.

Adobe is giving away Creative Suite CS2 Standard (PC or Mac Digital Download) Free!

For how long it was left up (it might still be, idk), without any implications on the page itself not to download it if you didn't own it, I really can't say they were that concerned about losing income from it. While I'm against pirating software, if a company leaves downloads up with software keys for weeks, without ever mentioning the legality of downloading it without purchasing, I don't think that really falls into pirating the software. That would be like (using someone elses example), someone putting out a plate of cookies on a dinner table, then after they've all been eaten, doing nothing about it.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@pepsi there is a tool in ace that lets you do that, but im not sure about vx. The map looks great though.

[Poll] Which is more important: Story, Graphics, or Sound?

I have to go with story as well. Bad music can be turned off, graphics have never really been super important to me (I have played and enjoyed plenty of text based games with no graphics whatsoever. But a game with a bad story to me is unplayable, just like a movie with a bad story to me is unwatchable. I'd rather listen to a re-broadcast of the radio show 'The Shadow' then watch any of the stupid Fast and the Furious type movies out there.

Though I will agree with Flying Jester on one point. A game with no story at all, is better than a game with a bad story. If you're making a game and can't tell a good story, please scrap it and make a dungeon crawler with no dialogue in it. It would be more playable than your stupid story. I'd rather play Gauntlet for NES than FFVIII again.

The Screenshot Topic Returns


I see the effect you're trying to go for with your mountain 'ledge', but the problem is, just doing diagonal tiles like that, won't show depth. I created this shot real quick as a suggestion on how you might modify yours a little bit to give it more of a natural look.

Now, its not a great screenshot by any means, but do you see the way I used ramps and shadows to give the illusion of increasing height? This not only takes away from some of the blockiness of the auto-tiles but also helps clearly define where the changes in elevation are.

Just my two cents though.