My name is Daniel, I am an Australian animator and film maker living in the Australian outback.

Currently working on a game called "Shooty and the Catfish".

You can check out my animation and game work here:

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Something mysterious has landed in Flatwoods.




Everyone has already said it but the pixel art of that background is mwah!

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

author=Sgt M
All jokes about this game's development hell aside, maybe a devlog or blog post on where things are at and what needs to be done might help you steer it back into the right direction???

I was under the impression things were pretty far along; just don't want to see all this work go to waste. And remember that there's no shame in putting out a call for help.


Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

I'm just popping in to say hello and man, this game still isn't out. I want to see those fancy effects I did a thousand years ago in action. :(


that faceset is so cute

the piano looks like it's leaning up against the wall tho :P

I had a lot of fun with the face sets.

As for the piano...meh, haha.

Misaos - Game of the Year!

Let's Try Shooty and the Catfish (Sessions 3&4) {END}

Sure did! Review pending; I've had writer's block.

The game is so old now and I have no plans on ever releasing anything with the engine or turn-based combat again, it feels so detached from my life, so weird.

I guess a review would still help anyone that accidentally stumbles onto it though.

Soma Union: A Post-Release Look Back

High-quality post. I am yet to play Union but it's sitting there on my backlog and I am very much looking forward to it.

Would love to see a Soma platformer made in something like GB Studio someday, but maybe that's something I can help with down the track since I'm learning the engine. ;)

Let's Try Shooty and the Catfish (Sessions 3&4) {END}

Oh Damn! You finally played the full game!

Games that "need" a film adaptation

Asuras Wrath.

That is all.

Play MY games... or else

Maybe when you finish one. B)