My name is Daniel, I am an Australian animator and film maker living in the Australian outback.

Currently working on a game called "Shooty and the Catfish".

You can check out my animation and game work here:

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Something mysterious has landed in Flatwoods.




I miss when I was passionate and devoted to game development

My passion never went away for creating, I just dont have the free time I did for it like I did when I was a teen 15 years ago. T_T


Oh lord its almost been a year since the last update, im gonna cry baby jesus tears. T_T

Featured Game, Featured Dev: zDS

Really great read, congrats zDS. ~ <3

The Spoopies - Dev Diary 02

I love your approach to the scale. On one side going episodic makes releases of individual instalments less of an event, but it certainly looks good in terms of keeping feature crepe at bay. Also, it gives the medium a different comedic vibe. It's always difficult to create something weird and funny and big, all at once.
Keep the updates coming!

Why thank you kindly. Episodic gaming does definitely have an impact on each release in terms of excitement, but im pretty sure a 3 year development cycle would have a negative effect as well. I was very adament that every episode needs to feel like a self contained little game and I think thats what seperates this project from a lot of other episodic titles that feel like individual chunks of a larger story. How well that will play out is yet to be seen, but considering how short my previous games Flatwoods and Hazmat were I feel like maybe in time this format might work out. I definitely think comedy is hard to maintain over long periods and that if all these episodes were played back to back the humour would get tired or stale, having a break between definitely should help keep things feeling fresh.

Edit: btw, feel free to pm me if you want me to repost something like a batch of screenshots or a trailer on my Tumblr. I follow your account but I don't keep track of my stream.

Very generous offer, I will do this when I get home!

More like Inactive Edition, amirite?

That skeleton looks like he thinks hes at a rave and its great, hes also being very particular about protecting his crotch.

This is why I love video games.

Also you got this boy'o!

2019 gaming diary


Mad Max:Mad Max was a very strange game for me, it was absolutely full of open world game design elements that I hate in modern games but for some reason it all came together and really worked for me. I ended up having a really good time despite the game feeling a lot longer than it really needed too. Really good use of the license.

Saints Row IV: Its like Saints Row The Third and Crackdown had a baby... but I didnt enjoy it as much as either of those titles. It was okay but it didnt do a lot for me. Played through the whole game over a single weekend.

Ara Fell: My questionable views on this one are now available as a review on this site.

Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode One: Resident Evil 4 is my all time favorite game (I havent played 7 yet) and I always enjoyed the slower paced over the shoulder shooting from this era of the series. I dont know what the deal is with Revelations 2 so far though, the level designs not great and it feels quite cheap compared to other entries. Maybe later episodes will improve, ill be playing through an Episode between each new game I play. So far though it doesnt hold a candle to the original Revelations.

Ara Fell Review

I don't wanna step into the place of the people who actually worked on the game, but there's two points on this I wanted to discuss.

I also found the idea of the world being on a series of floating islands to be completely wasted with many maps simply just ending with grass or trees as the boundaries. Maybe its just me but I would have thought the best way to make it really feel like you were on a series of floating islands would be to actually have the edge of the islands as the maps boundaries, I just don’t understand the use of trees and bushes to hide the edges instead of the plummet to the world below, it just seems to make so much more sense from a visual standpoint and a world building one.

I think using trees for boundaries is a better idea, personally. It implies that there is more wildlife and blocked off areas outside of view that the players don't get to explore, making the island appear bigger, and more realistic too if you ask me. Having edges at the end of each map would make Ara Fell appear more like a series of large rocks rather than a floating continent.

I can understand feeling that way about the edge of the maps, its just not how my brain interprets the information provided by their design. As someone that would never look for, let alone expect attempts at realism in a 16bit RPG im personally much more interested in how they work mechanically and unfortunately for me it had a negative effect on my ability to navigate those particular spaces at worst and made the many maps feel artifically cramped at best.

(I would have chosen story mode at the beginning had I of known just how bad they would get).

Pretty sure you have the option to enable it while playing if you didn't do it at the start? It's been a while since I played the game, but I 100% remember using an instant kill skill on the more grindy sidequests.

This is entirely possible, and if this is indeed the case by the time the encounters became an issue for me I had forgotten all about the existence of that feature. I am not sure if thats something you can pin on me as a player or on the game itself, maybe its a bit of both.

I know picking these two points may make it sound like I'm strawmanning your negative criticisms, which is not the intention. I think this was a fair opposing view on the game (though I am a bit surprised at how low the score is considered the positives you mentioned felt much more significant than the negatives)

In the end I found the positives and the negatives of the game balanced out to be quite equal, a 50/50 split, hence a 2.5. I think the idea that the communities of sites like IGN pushed of anything less than a 7.5 is a bad has had a really negative affect on the way games are critiqued. I dont want people to see this score and think that it means the game is bad, because its not, its perfectly serviceable, but I guess thats probably how people will take it, so thank you for bringing that up.

The Spoopies - Dev Diary 01

Keep rocking and good luck finding a new job!

Thanks mate ~ <3


Ah, a 20 year old vampire. Much like other 20 year olds... Life gon kick his ass.

Assuming he ever leaves that spot on the map.

Spoilers, he doesnt.