Padona Remade 8-23-2013

Now that you mentioned it... it becomes four times prettier.

A game page to be managed by 2 or more users

Oh yes, now he can! Thanks!

I positioned him as Other... So it doesn't work, huh?

A game page to be managed by 2 or more users

I'm wondering how to make a game profile to be managable by 2 users or more... I'm pretty lost how to do this :(

Specifically, the other user doesn't have to be able to control all of them, but at the very least they can post blogs in the game profile as a developer too. I've listed a friend as one of the users in the game profile, but he said that he can't post any blog there. He's been wanting to post a blog in one of our game's profile... Is there any way?

Requesting Spell Animators

... I'm more to sprites than high-res CGs that of rtp animations. I have my hands full too. Sorry :P

Status Update 8-14-2013

Ditto the 2 above. Yeah, good to know that you're still working... We do worry about you (and this project) :(


Still readable, but still hard to catch on... :(

Do you want more Astatine Adventures?

The best thing is to be able to play the game, NOW

Unholy Sword

When entering the fight club the game crashes from cannot find Graphics/Characters/Ambrosio. I didn't see any file of that name in the folder, either.


Quite astonishing, yeah... Beautiful.


Dueling scene...? Seems neat :o