Yeah, feels empty without any other stuffs to fill, like descriptions. I'd say that it's not yet implemented / written for the slime.


Now that's far better to the eyes!


Well, the game is a crossover game afterall, starring characters from not-yet-complete projects... Ironic, if I must say myself.

Monster Hunter

May I ask about your decision for the game's title, "Monster Hunter"? Nothing personal. Just, there's already a game, no, a series, with such title, Capcom's. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monster_Hunter

Other than that, seems the game can be interesting to play. Adding to my playlist first.


The grass looks very bright too me...

Progress Report - 11/19/13

Keep going there, Jenna!

But I don't see "enemies" in the report...

Progress Report XIV: Oh boy, now I can't just stand around.

Ironic, I'd say, since the composer put word "Death" in the song's title...


I don't have any problem with options for animal ears or some sort, but I do appreciate if those parts are optional :P

Bringing back Mode7

Yep, that mode 7 worldmap is a killer, alright! 3D~

Update #5

Talk about Phantasy Star... The first Phantasy Star game I've ever played was Phantasy Star Universe. Then after getting more interested in this Phantasy Star series from playing PSO2, I tried the original Phantasy Star... God blimey... I should've expected that from an RPG of its generation :(

*cough**cough* I'm fine with front view too; they do have their own aesthetics. I do expect battle commentaries (battle log) from a front view battle system. Spice up my imagination more :P ... You still have the choice to not put any battle logs though.