Defeat the vermin of the underworld with the help of a fire djinn.




True, RNG has a lot of sway here, but even if the player gets screwed and dies as a result, they can just try the battle again. There is no punishment for losing a battle aside from having to start the battle over. So I figured the randomness wasn't too much of an issue, especially if the trade-off was that it added suspense/uncertainty to battles.

During playtesting I actually made some of the battles easier. (If it felt like I was retrying way too many times.) I also removed weaker cards, which increased the chances of getting the more crucial cards when they're needed.

Sleep exists in many RPGs, didn't see it as a problem here. I only included it in a few battles. It is annoying, but that's kind of the point. I felt the effects on the battle and player's game plan was interesting enough to include. And depending on the circumstances it doesn't always slow you down much.

Anyway, thank you for the feedback! I'm glad to have gotten some finally, even if it was critical. I was feeling pretty lonely, releasing a game and not hearing a peep from anyone for so long. :p

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I saw a slowdown fix for FFT on PSP so I've started the game again to see it in action. It really works! Just beat chapter 1. Took me longer than I thought it would, as apparently I love to grind.

Consoles & Favourite Games

Mario All Stars, Mega Man X, Metroid, Zelda, FF6

Star Fox 64, Pokemon Puzzle League

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Mario Kart Wii, Onechanbara, demo for Skyward Sword (never played full game)

Pokemon TCG

Pokemon TCG, Pokemon Card GB2 English patched

Mr. Driller 2, Mega Man & Bass

Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Sonic & Knuckles

Nights into Dreams

Mega Man X4

Ace Combat 4, Sonic Unleashed

sort of a toss up between Shift, Prostreet, and Gran Turismo 6

Xbox 360
Marble Blast Ultra

Gravity Rush, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

It's funny, this is my favorite system of all time but I don't have a favorite game on it, just a bunch of games I found amazing on it. Dissidia, FFT War of the Lions, Rengoku 2, Phantasy Star Portable 2, Eye of Judgment, Pangya Fantasy Golf, and both the Silent Hill games just to name a few. There's also Ace Combat, the Armored Core "Portable" series, as well as countless racing games.

Pokemon Shield

edit: updated

[Poll] Y - Axis = Normal Vs. Inverted

I used to invert Y, but I also aimed with the left stick. It was a package deal for me, I didn't need one or the other unless I had both. (And I refused to play a game that didn't let me do this.)

When I finally decided to convert to using the right stick, I no longer needed to invert the Y. Or at least, since swapping sticks in itself was such a dramatic switch for me, and as it required me to basically relearn all my gaming skills from scratch, regardless of whether I still decided to invert Y or not, I figured that I might as well learn it without inverting the Y. Although this probably made it easier if anything, since I was able to just tell myself that up=up down=down, and over time it became second nature.

That said I do prefer inverted for flight control still, and in racing games where you can control your nose in mid air. (Perhaps that is why I preferred to invert Y before, since those actions use the left stick.)

Sharing my Music

I just started on a jungle themed game, some of these tracks would fit very nicely. I'm not 100% sure though you have enough to fill out the game but then again, I didn't look through it all yet. I need separate themes for jungle, lava, ruins, ice, beach, water, and some kind of factory themed setting. Maybe not all of those but most. Making this a note to self to look through more of these when I get the chance.

2020 gaming diary

I am considering uninstalling Magic Arena (again) but in that case I need to find something else to play.
There are a dime a dozen Hearthstone clones on Steam, I can almost see myself going through every one and not liking any of them. Last night I tried one, Eternal, and I feel it's only ok, even though it is Hearthstone crossed with Magic which ought to be a good thing.
The game I play does not have to be a card game though. I feel I could be trying to get into RTS or city building games, or maybe even an MMO. It does not have to be free either, but I am very reluctant to plop down money on a game without trying it first, so a demo at the very least would be nice.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I only just found out Windows 10 lets me record stuff. So here's the first ever video of my game! Check it out, yo! :p

Brainstorming / Inspiration for Skill Systems

The tank character is going to have one or two best stances, it's not going to be easy to get the player to care about new stances they've unlocked unless the new ones are straight up better thereby making the previous ones redundant.

The charge system sounds exactly like an RPG I had planned. Well not exactly. It was going to be card based with a draw command to get a new card. To keep things from just being draw one turn then use that card next turn, over and over, I'd have it so draw induces a state that gives a magic attack buff (such as x1.5) that can be stacked three times and lasts 3 turns.

Possible to include a font with a game? (and any good download sites?)

author=Sgt M
I'm not sure what engine you're using, but I know with VX Ace you can make a folder in the project file and name it "Fonts", if it doesn't already have one, and just plop your font down in there. The game will usually pick it up regardless of whether or not the player has it installed on their PC.

You, sir, are a genius! Thank you!!
wfonts website
Went there and got Matturra, which was the only search result. It is somewhat similar to the font I was using. Appears smaller I think so I'm increasing the size from 36 to.. well, I'll keep adjusting it until I like the result.

EDIT: Fontspace is a nifty site. I like the 100% free checkbox option.
I took this opportunity to try some new fonts altogether. Tried three so far..

Possible to include a font with a game? (and any good download sites?)

I got a laptop recently and today marks the triumphant occasion that I started working on my game again. No more having to walk to another house to continue working on my game. This is a pretty exciting development, as now I actually have a shot at finishing it. But I encountered a little snag and I hope this board can help me once again. My laptop is an absolute beast and my first ever Windows 10 device but apparently it's missing a font I had before. Because I noticed that HP displays during battle no longer display the correct font. This present two problems.

1) I need a way to acquire the font. Where do you get fonts? Is there a go-to site that everyone uses?

2) If possible I would like to package the font with my game in case anyone else is missing the same font. Or, at the very least, be able to tell people how to easily/quickly acquire said font before playing my game.

The font is Matura MT Script Capitals and here is a screenshot of how it looked:

although only the numbers 1 6 and 9 are displayed here

The font no longer appears on my new laptop, instead it's a really bland looking font. Most likely Arial. (I could post a screenshot? Not that it matters.)

I have to wonder if I downloaded this font way back then, meaning that my game always had this problem and it took me to get a new computer to finally realize it. Should I use a stock font? Having to tell people to download a font is quite janky imo, unless of course I can bundle it with the game somehow.