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Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!



Computer's back; who wants to beta?

Hey I'm posting a note to current beta testers that my other beta tester found:

The end of chapter 7 has a series of story battles like the Asher part where if you save in between you can screw yourself over. Im gonna fix this in the final version, but for now I will say that in chapter 7 keep an extra save in town so you dont get glitched up like that and have to start over.

Computer's back; who wants to beta?

Alex! I'm just going to update my "feedback" post on the blog concerning demo feedback. I'm nearly finished with beta testing, I think. I'll post some more stuff tomorrow about my feedback!

Alright, I await your criticisms :)


Err . . . there were a lot of perverted, racist, and sex jokes. I had to get rid of 'em! I was on drugs when I made the game. Now I'm making the 'sober' addition!

Posts like this make me wish that you could 'like' stuff on, Facebook style.

Demo Feedback + Disractions!

hey, Alex898! I'm almost finished with your demo. :)
I have to say it's been very fun for me, and I would say the only thing it lacks is a little more polish in general (with some maps and some rare typos here and there).
For example, some dialogue parts seem to have been "clipped" for no particular reason, like this:

Also I haven't finished the whole demo yet, but I found it kinda slowing that most of the chests ask "Open chest?" first, instead of just opening (of course, this might be because some chests you're NOT supposed to open, but I don't know if that is the case).

But overall I found it fun and good-flowing! I'll sure try to play it again if a new release comes out! :)

Yea the clipping comes from my script. I have to clip the text boxs so that facesets will fit so in the process of typing out certain parts of the game, namely conversations between face and faceless characters, I sometimes accidently clipped the faceless textboxes too.

The chest thing is because there is a few chests that have "mimic" enemies in them. I sort of had that in as a "Are you sure? Cuz you don't know what to expect inside". In retrospect, it is a little redundant though since there is only like 3 or 4 Mimics in the whole game.

I'm glad you enjoyed it though! I'm looking forward to the final version of Legacy of the Guilds too. :)


I've been spending quite a lot of time with this one (almost 5 hours), but now that I know it will be completed some time between the fall and winter, I'm going to hold off on the demo. No sweat off my back, since I really want to see the entire game in its final form, anyway.

I agree with the above post. I'm sure there are other RMXP games I've yet to play, but thus far this is the best of the best. The mapping, while still not quite superb, is still pretty good. I especially liked the swamp area of the badlands.

The story started off seeming a bit rushed, and not just the intro, but eventually manages to steady its pace. I'm not sure if there is any way to balance the story out earlier into the game, but aside from this, the story itself is very intriguing. It's very well executed with very minimal spelling errors. The common misspelled word I think is "wierd", which should be "weird", but I'm hard-pressed to find anything else.

Thanks for the comments, I'm glad you liked it! The beggining I want to try to rehaul. I wanted the "start" of the actual journey of the game to be when you take the secret passage out of the castle because this leaves Lucian with literally nothing, you must build him (and later on his party) up from nothing pretty much. I also found it a way more exciting way to start the game with the kidnapping and you being a fugitive. So many games have you doing mindless chores in a village for 4 hours and it gets boring, I wanted to try to hook people into the plot from the very beggining. The question is how to balance that with making an intro that isn't long and disjointed... I'm gonna work on improving it.


I like this town. Simple, but with a variety of house color schemes. It looks very real.

How can I resize this classy animation and make it my avatar


Thank you very much, Sir. Allow Mr. Kane here to give you a round of applause.

How can I resize this classy animation and make it my avatar

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The Sweet Spot of Battles

Sounds like the battles in this game are going to be very fun and challenging


I see but have a question.If i did saved a data from the last update,if ya will change the link with another version then will i be able to load from it the last time but instead of the demo ending i will be able to continue further?

Um I'm not sure. I havent changed any scripts since the last demo so it should be fine.