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Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!




At the time no due to classes and writing a screenplay, but I will probably work on more in the future once things die down. (I have both an idea for a continuation of Bloodsphere and for an entirely new game).


Hmmm thats weird this is a different glitch then the one I fixed. I'll have to look into it then.

Edit: I found the cause of the glitch and was able to fix it so it won't happen in the next version if you leave the battle. However I don't know how I'll be able to fix it for you since your screen is already stuck being black. You might have to load your last save, I'm sorry :/


What part are you at? The glitch only happens if you returned to Zemekia in Chapter 9.

I would recommend going to downloads and downloading version 1.2 if that is what happened. It fixes this glitch and I'm 95% sure that your save will work with it.


The code to the tower is 3568


Alot of the early skills do have lower hit percentages, particularly the Windmill skill. I think that is a case of bad luck cuz they shouldn't be missing that much with normal attacks.


Thanks! I'm glad you found the ending unexpected, I was aiming for something more unconventional just to make my plot even more unique in the sea of RPG Maker games. It's funny because I had someone say my game was cliche once and my thought was "well yeah, maybe if you stopped playing it 10 minutes in...".

In terms of future chapters, I have a few ideas lingering. I actually would really like to do a prequel that would cover how the Bloodsphere was created and what made Karoes turn evil. I'm going to be really busy the next few months so I'm taking a temporary retirement from RPG Maker, but there may definetly be more installments in the series in the future.


Well the backstory for this specific chest would involve the legendary Captain Jack McCracken. He decided one day to put 2 SP Potions in a locked chest and then leave it by a bridge because he was drunk. Then he fell off the bridge and died and no one claimed the chest. The End.

Bloodsphere is here!

Yeah, but thankfully since I've released it people have informed me of various bugs that I have been able to fix.

It took me 2 years, although I have a tendency to work on and off as opposed to working at a constant pace. There were a few months where I didn't even touch RPG Maker lol.


You have to talk to Maffee first, then go to Thundergard Manor and talk to the chef, the maid and the butler.


The rock he refers to is the one you will hit if you keep walking straight the moment you appear on the map.

Alternatively I can say the treasure is in the Northwestern Part of the beach so you can walk around and randomly press space and find it up there.