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Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!




There is i believe 140 enemies in the database. The chickens are just in the very beggining of the game.


The quest log looks great as does the mapping.

I'm assuming the crystal is a save crystal? At least RPG Maker games are all consistent in that regard.

Not Another Let's Try Thread!?

Hey Dark Gaia would you be willing to LT my game Bloodsphere when you had time?

The demo here is kind of old as I have fixed some of the problems since then (like the mapping and the gamebreaker in chapter 4 if you save before the boss and dont have any potions) but it's still nice to have feedback so I know what all to improve including plot, pacing and stuff


Very nice mapping!

Obligatory Self-Based Characters

I try not to base myself off of any of my characters, however I did put myself in my latest installment of P5.

The wonderous chance to bash the creator of the game in the face, what more could you ask?

Haha that is actually a great idea. After a very hard segment in a game, throw in the Game Creator as a pitifully easy boss so that the players can have some sweet revenge lol.


lol I apologize for ruining this stock art for you


Actually I just had an epiphany for the Asher segment! The scripted battles with the guards beforehand are now set so that the last 3 guards have a 100% chance of dropping SP potions, which will give the player 3 SP potions for the menu screen before the Asher part. I also already added a new chest outside which contains HP potions as well, so hopefully this part won't be broken anymore whilst still retaining some challenge.


Yeah it did actually happen to some other people and that part has already been changed up for the final version. Based on what my beta testers think it will either be that you can get HP/SP potions in a chest before the fort or a full recovery. I found when I had a full recovery the part was too easy however and I wanted that to stick out as a hard fight just to make the Asher character live up to his reputation.


That seems like a really cool feature!

Using RPG Maker has changed my view on gaming.

I've made some amateur films and whenever I watch a movie, I always pay attention to the camera work, cuts, etc. instead of enjoying the story :(

HAHA ditto. I always notice goofs, cuts, weird camera angles and stuff when watching movies now instead of focusing on the movie itself.