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Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!



Rpg Maker game tear-jerkers.

It sounds like you just haven't been playing good RM games.
I've played near all RM games that I could get my hands on, minus VX and XP to now, so you'll have to trust me when I say that there's never been a time when "Don't kill him." "I'm gonna kill him for my master!" "SAVE ME, BROTHER!" *unintentionally hilarious death* (even now, I'm laughing) "NOOOOUUURRGHHH!!" was justified. You find me a game that pulls of a death scene correctly and I'll play it.

I've got a scene late in the game in my current RMXP project that I try to successfully pull off a 'serious' RPG Maker death scene, I am actually proud of how it turned out in that regard. It's also probably the only scene I've done for my game that completely transferred from my mind to RPG Maker. Lots of stuff seems to end up lost in translation once it gets tacked onto 2D sprites, RTP characters, Font etc.


Deckiller's Let's Try Thread

Hey Deckiller if you decide to do more Let's Trys when you are done with your current list, would you want to do one for the demo for my game, Bloodsphere? I haven't gotten too much feedback so far and would love to know what to improve for the final version.

Liberty jumps on the LET'S TRY wagon

Ah, something I should add to the first post and forgot - for some reason my computer does not like XP games. On the off chance that they actually 'work' they lag like no-one's business and well, I don't think I'd be able to do a good LT of any XP game.

So Alex898, though your game looks like it may be an interesting play, I'm afraid I'm going to have to let you down on that front. Perhaps if you ask one of the other LTers they may give it a go, but I apologise that I forgot to mention this before-hand. ^.^;

Ooo thats okay


All games need a saving game dog!

Liberty jumps on the LET'S TRY wagon

Perhaps if you are still doing these, would you do one for my game, Bloodsphere?

I haven't gotten too much feedback so far, although its just a demo it is fairly lengthy (about 4 hours long) and I have been looking for lots of feedback to improve the game so far.

It's a Matter of Choice

Sorry this double posted. I got "internal server error 500" with the first version of the post and it posted it twice. Sorry!

It's a Matter of Choice

One plan I have for a future RM game to make is to make one that is extremely choice based.

One character starts out as a good guy but ends working for the bad guys and betraying you. After a battle you are presented with a choice: Kill him or let him live. If you kill him he's gone for good. But if you let him live he will come back as a boss later, probably at a hard part of the game to make the player really annoyed of his return to being evil. However, defeating him in the second fight will yield a reward of a strong weapon that cannot be got in any other way. By doing this the choice is more dynamic. Sure you can kill him and not worry about him later, but letting him live can give you a special weapon.

Another choice idea I had involved getting characters into your party. I had an idea for a main quest involving two clashing factions in which you had to choose one to help. Each faction had a character that would help you if you sided with their faction, and ultimately the character will join your party. The elligible party member of the faction you don't help? You fight them as a boss. This is again a choice in which there isn't really an "obvious solution" as both characters would have strengths and weaknesses.

I hope to implement choices like that, and see similar choices in other games, choices def make games more interesting.