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Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!



Necessary Decisions!

I had this same problem with my game and I ended up completely redoing the intro. It's better to release a great game late then to rush a game out. Good luck!

Let's Try - Season 2

It might be Youtube doing that. I have had the audio get out of sync on some videos I have put up on Youtube where the audio was fine before I uploaded it.

Let's Try - Season 2

It's not until after I completely redo the opening and get rid of the prisons scenes that I remember why Karoes was in prison.

*Minor spoilers that might not even be in the full game*

He had let himself be arrested and caught (like the guy in the beggining of No Country for Old Men) so he could escape and frame Darius for assisting in his escape, hence why Darius was in prison. It wasn't as much based on him lying as it was that Marco is using the defense that Darius must be assisting Karoes since Darius claimed to have killed him but didn't, giving him a cover (And of course Marco is the one actually working with Karoes). I'm currently trying to write around that in the new intro to come up with a new reason for why they throw Darius in the slammer lol.

Let's Try - Season 2

Yay! Now my game is unique again.

The Prologue: How to change it so it's better

YDS's Let's Try has inspired me to start remaking the opening so I'm putting the finishing of the final dungeon on hold for now. I have opted for approach 1, cutting out half of the scenes and adding a scrolling text explaining some things that aren't explicitly clear (like about the nations of Reins, Balkia and Nobungia). It's amazing how much better it is already after 2 years of RPG Maker experience lmfao. I've only finished the font and first scene but it's already 100x better that was already in place and sets a much better tone then the original opening did.

The reason I chose approach one is that Bloodsphere is gonna be a 25+ hour long RPG at this point. I find adding EVEN MORE extra scenes is just going to drag the game out too much so it is instead better to trim where possible.

Let's Try - Season 2

lol thanks for doing this. Ironically enough I agree with all of your points about the intro, I think it is the weakest part of the game with the bad transitions and too much going on. I am planning on remaking the entire intro chapter once I'm done with the final dungeon but I can assure you the game gets better after the prologue once you get into the actual game.

As for Darius 'killing' the bad guy it does come back later on and explain just what happened and why Darius thought he was dead. I didn't think about the plot hole of why Darius would just arrest the bad guy when he came back, which was an excellent point you raised. Then again, in the new intro I am making for the game I am planning on getting rid of the prison scenes completely and reworking how the bad guy is introduced so that plot hole will be solved. Part of the confusing-ness of the intro was from an attempt to keep aspects of the plot cryptic to kind of encourage the player to want to keep playing to find out whats going on, but it seems that idea backfired.

I enjoyed it and hope you do continue it despite some things pissing you off lol. You have left great feedback so far.


*Minor Spoilers*

Well the red sphere in the background is supposed to be the "Bloodsphere". And the game does have pixelated blood in it :)

Legendary Legend Review

The "Truly inspired mapping" part made me laugh <_<


lol this was an ironically good time to post that since I was just thinking "wow I haven't posted any updates for Bloodsphere in a while, I should probably do that...". I am still working on it but production has been delayed for a few reasons:

1. This has shaped up to be without a doubt the hardest and most work intensive semester of my college experience.

2. I haven't gotten alot of feedback from my beta testers on what to fix

3. The unholy combination of Minecraft, Plants vs. Zombies and Call of Duty Black Ops. These three games pretty much had me addicted and I haven't touched RPG Maker in the last 2 weeks, sorry guys <_<

I am currently working on the Final Chapter though, so once I'm done with that I'm just gonna make a few changes throughout the game (assuming my beta testers leave me more feedback) and the final version should be up. Either End of December or now I'm thinking early January just so it can be available for next year's misaos. I doubt it would be the subject of too much acclaim since It doesn't have custom scripts and fancy graphics, but I am proud of my characters and storyline

Let's Try - Season 2

Hey YDS would you do a Let's Try for my game, Bloodsphere? It's a demo but the game is nearing completion so feedback is crucial at this time :)