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Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!



2010 Misao Winners

Also that the winner for most promising demo 2010 was a demo from 2009.
Yeah, I released it one week before 2010. I think that's close enough.

Fair enough.

cause of diminished interest in game creation

This has/is happening to me pretty bad. I am literally working on the final 3 maps in my game and I'll be done but after 2 years of work i do feel quite burnt out at this point.

Edit: Make that two maps. Thanks topic!

2010 Misao Winners

What I find hilarious is that Space Funeral, a game that was actually recognized in a magazine as one of the best games of the year compared to 'legitl' video games like Mass Effect 2 didn't win any awards. Also that the winner for most promising demo 2010 was a demo from 2009.

2010 Misao Winners

We can have a committee for the awards: The Academy of RPG Maker Arts and Sciences

2010 Misao Winners

Well at least one person enjoyed the Bloodsphere demo lol


lol this scene isn't in the final game.


I agree with Everguard, great map.

Tribal: The Awakening

One minor thing I noticed while playing is that when you find items, you get two messages saying what it is, which is kind of annoying. Might want to fix that

Tribal: The Awakening

This looks pretty interesting, downloading now

Undying Eternal Progress

Sounds pretty good! I like that you are putting choices in the game, it will make it much more interesting to replay.