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Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!




Sorry about that, I don't speak German so I put what you said in a translater and it seems you are having trouble finding the treasure chest on the beach in Mayiki?

Did you talk to the drunk guy in the bar? He explains how to get to the chest (which you might want to write down as he talks because he doesnt repeat himself). When you are on the last tile after following all of his directions press space/enter. Let me know if you still have trouble.

Bloodsphere is here!

Hey thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm working on some other projects right now (including a screenplay) so I'm taking a break from RPG Maker, but there may definetly be more Bloodsphere in the future.


Whoops I meant you need to get all the black switches up then


Whoops well that is good to know cuz thats another glitch I can fix for the next version :)

60s is about right. That's what I was shooting for for the end of the game, mine were in the early 60s at the end of the last chapter.

It's like the puzzles in the temple in chapter 9. You have to get all of the black switches down, and they go down when a switch next to them is activated. It is, however, optional.


I'm not at a computer with RMXP on it but IIRC the combo is:


When I'm back on my home PC I'm gonna check the hints to make sure they are all right and there wasn't any typos cuz those hints are reading right together.

You are actually near the end of the game because there are 20 chapters total. You have kind of passed the 'point of no return' so to speak because you can't backtrack, although you can still fight enemies then go back to the merchant from the beggining of Chapter 19 to heal up.


Well stat orbs are incredibly expensive, especially early on, so thats the tradeoff. I'd say if you are tight on cash to maybe save up and only buy armor every few sets. Once you get to the last set of armor, Titanium, you are definetly going to want to buy that for all the characters because by the end of the game the reduced attack percentages do make a big different.


Did you talk to all 3 of the "black shade ghosts" throughout the house? Each of them gives a clue with regards to a book name, as well as an indicator for whether it was first, last or in the middle. They then dissapear, so you have to remember what they said. You then go into the Library with the bookshelves and activate the 3 in the order the ghosts told you to in order to continue.


Well I'm glad you noticed it getting harder. I tried to give it a dynamic learning curve so the farther you get, the tougher it gets. I think that doing it like this keeps things interesting while not overloading the player at the beggining with absurdly tough battles before they even get a hang of the game mechanics.

Anywho, The town Boyd wants to go to is Towser. It's the town from the beggining of the game with the locked chest in the middle house where Lucian and Sirena go in Chapter 1 to flee Reins. You go south down Ephilon Road to reach it, past Greenwood.


I think when I get a chance I'll add a page with hints or guides to solve some of the puzzles in the game that are tougher.

You have to go through the exits in a certain order. Each correct move adds a flowervase to the room. Once there is 4, you move through the north exit to reach the section of the temple.

Left, Right, Up, Left, Up.

I have fixed the Zemekia bug but I am also working on fixing some other bugs so my next release will have as many bug fixes as possible. The next release will probably be on friday. You don't have to worry about the Zemekia bug because it ONLY happens if someone willingly backtracks at the very beggining of chapter 9. As long as you don't go back you won't be affected by the glitch.


Bgamer: Since it's a sidequest it doesn't have an effect on the main game. All it changes is the reward you get at the end of the quest.

Amerkevicius: Hmm that's weird. I noticed a typo in the 1.1 folder that says it's 1.0 (which is why I added a version history and version number to the title screen for 1.2 when it is released). It should still be 1.1, however. I'm not sure what would make the extract fail, but from posts on here and other websites it seems like 1.1 has worked for people.