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Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!




What part are you stuck at? The big square room with 3 exits?


Ooohhhhh creepy


A bug has been brought to my attention. If you return to Zemekia in Chapter 9 you will be stuck there. I'm fixing it for the next version update but in the mean time avoid returning to Zemekia.


The script I'm using makes DEF as a percentage value instead of whatever the original calculation is. I did it like this to prevent characters and enemies from hitting 0's, which is damn near impossible with this system, but it did nerf the armor a bit.

2010 Misao Winners

I want to say congrats to the developers of Vacant Sky and Alter Aila: Genesis for breaking excitement into 2010. I also want to congratulate those who have accomplished their completed games or demos as well for the public.

For 2011 and the future, let's not have developers solely go for the next Misao category swiper, but have developers create something from their hearts to just share their talents or experiences to the public and express themselves. I know Vacant Sky and Alter Aila weren't doing that and just concentrating on teling their stories in their own ways, and that's what made them so exceptional.

The Misao may give recognitions to games with extraordinary aspects, but we got to remember that we all each have the power to recognize the greatness in other developer's games. Dropping by to say "Hi, I love your game" may not be a Misao award, but it's more than enough to cheer up and motivate the developers.

Anyhow, I wish all developers and players to look forward to a fun and great 2011.

*Insert Citizen Kane clap here*

Bloodsphere is here!

I know I can't believe it :O

And I look forward to you joining the club when you finish Legacy of the Guilds :D


Well one minor glitch has already been brought to my attention. You aren't supposed to have an "army lance" when you get out of the castle. That was from the original intro to the game and it isn't supposed to be in the new one but I forgot to put a new event in to remove it x_X. How embaressing. I'm fixing that right now.

EDIT: Glitch fixed, version 1.1 uploaded. Now it's just pending again :P. If you really want the game now you can get it under downloads. The glitch just gives you an uber strong weapon at the start you aren't supposed to have so as long as you don't use it or sell it or something it's like nothing ever happened :D

Bloodsphere is here!

lol that was supposed to be a joke since I think this is the first RMXP game release this year.

I guess that technically means it's the worst RMXP Game so far this year as well.

RPG Maker VX: Top 5

Are there 5 completed VX games?


I enjoyed Legionwood alot. Prophecy: The Demon Kingdom is great but sadly unfinished :(

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Working on the ending to Bloodsphere. I'm pretty close to joining the "Person who has completed a game club"