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Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!



On wide-open sandboxes (Also more rambling)

Sidequests are always fun, and they can help make the main quest easier too. I think the perception skill is a great idea too.


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Subscribed, this game looks really cool!

Review scoring: standardization, professionalism, etc.

I personally don't think they should be compared to professional games. There is a huge difference between a game one guy made that is FREE for everyone to download and a 60$ epic Xbox 360 game made by some huge company. If someone is charging for their RPG Maker Game it's one thing to compare them to professional games since it costs money, but other than that its pointless to compare in my opinion. If you do that, literally every game on this site (mine included) would be a one star/five because no matter how biased you might be to a game, it's not gonna hold up when compared to Mass Effect or something like that.

Legacy of the Guilds

Can't wait til it's done, rabitZ!


Yeah I agree with calunio. The lighting looks great!

Improving Your Title Screen

That looks very cool! Great article!


Looks very nice!

Bloodsphere Review

Thanks for the review!

The Random Battles and High Evade rate were partly side effects of my novice-ness at RPG Maker when I started this project. I learned alot about eventing and scripting over the 2.5 year timespan in which I made the game, and I now know how to event non-random battles in the way I want them so my next game will definetly not have random battles. Sadly with the huge amount of dungeons it would be way too time consuming to implement them into Bloodsphere, but I think I'll lower the evade stats of enemies and lower the encounter rates on maps for my next release of Bloodsphere so that these issues won't be as prevelent.

I like that you found tropes for the game, I became addicted to that site a week ago and noticed that even my own game contained alot of tropes. I lol'd at the "Adam Smith hates you" trope, so true. Some tropes I felt the game had included "Belligerent Sexual Tension", "Mind Rape", "Dragon Ascendant" and "Action Girl" lol.


Really? Nice catch Rabitz, I'll have to check it out and fix it for the next version. Looks like you are near the end of the game I eagerly look forward to your review :)