I'm a writer and video maker who likes RPG Maker as a way of expression with visual media. I also run the Drinking and Playstationing series on Youtube, which can be watched at:
Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!




Heres the order you activate the books:

1. A Scream at Midnight
2. Nathan's Slumber
3. Valiant Tyjak

Who wants to review my game?

Alright, thanks!

The Fall and the Rise of RMN

It is indeed a grim game. I hope to play your finished game someday cuz I really enjoyed the demo! I recommend checking out RPG Revolution or

Who wants to review my game?

Wow I just read that, that is pretty depressing! :(

Well I have my game on RPG Revolution too so if your a member there that would be a better place to post or upload a review.

Who wants to review my game?

Nah I don't need feedback for my game in that sense. I'm pretty much 100% done with it and want to move forward instead of constantly redoing and remaking my game. I want to start making a new rpg maker game in the future. After working on a game for 2.5 years then getting a review of your hard work is always appreciated, positive or negative. Especially so I now what all to improve for my next RPG Maker game I make ;-)

Who wants to review my game?

So my finished game has been up on this site for 2 months now and has 1000 downloads total, but still no review. Would any of you kind fellows like to take up the task of reviewing it?


Looks good! I can't wait for the finished game.

Amulet of Athos: Legend of the Sarian Knights

This game looks badass. I agree with the last two posters: Subscribed!

Looking for Games to Review

I'm not sure if you are still doing reviews but my game Bloodsphere still hasn't had any reviews:


What do you mean? I've never noticed that before. Do you mean when you escape from a random battle?