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Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!




Great Game... Stuck on Chapter 6 though.. I think its called "The Traveling Girl"? How do I go to the city called... Zemekia?

Pretty much keep following the trail out of Port Azire west.

Should giant shops be broken up?

Perhaps you could break shops up. I could see having maybe a bazaar or market district with lots of vendors outside. For weapons, you can have one shop that sells swords, one that sells bows, one that sells hammers etc. For items you can split shops up too based on potions, alchemy ingredients, scrolls etc. This could make it easier for players to find what they want without having to scroll through lots of junk.

Does anyone think this review is biased.

Well I'll have to check it out then to see for myself. All I'm saying is that on RPG Maker websites people blast games for being long, regardless of whether they are good or not. "Being Long" shouldn't be on a list of cons alongside "bad mapping" or "unbalanced battles". If anything it should be considered a pro. If the game is bad and long, then yes being long doesn't matter because you'll shut it off. But if its a great game with good characters and a plot that the player becomes emotionally invested in, then being long is for sure a plus.

Does anyone think this review is biased.

My game Bloodsphere is long and I wouldn't really label that as a negative. Just because a game is 20 hours long doesn't mean it has alot of padding. I had a story I wanted to tell and in order for me to fit everything in the game it ended up being over 20 hours long. And without grinding too, I personally made sure in my game you didn't have to grind ever <_<

Of course I haven't played the game this topic is about so I can't comment on quality but I'm in the camp that thinks "a game being long isn't a bad thing". I tend to prefer the longer RPG Maker games anyway just because when it comes to freeware RPG Maker games I tend to play them moreso for story then to be blown away by other features (Graphics, scripts etc.), and long games tend to (but not always) have complex and interesting stories.

pyramid battle.jpg

Those mummies seem to be more interested in going after me than the heroes.

I loled.

Yeah you might want to find some sideview enemy battlers to fix that.

Also, Flare AND Clair? Are they twins because that would be adorable.


xeilmach: Yeah I see what you mean.

Zamil: Really? They should all gain around the same XP o.O. That's weird.


Nearly 1000 downloads total and no review yet? :(

edit: why the heck did it double post this? lol


Nearly 1000 downloads total and no review yet? :(

Main character choices vs. Concrete personality

Alex: That's similar to how the light side/dark side meter works in KotOR games, and how good/evil or law/chaos meters work in other games. A lot of the time you're given free choices, but in some cases characters will respond to you purely based on the choices you've made earlier in the game. Your idea of actually locking out some of the light-side choices if you've made too many dark-side choices in the past is interesting, though. But I'm not sure it really makes sense. If you're giving the player the choice of how to act in every situation, and the player wants to start acting differently, what logic is there in preventing them from doing so? What purpose? If the player has a change of heart, then I don't see why the character wouldn't be allowed to also. This actually sounds like it would break immersion for me far more than either of the "normal" methods. So my knee-jerk reaction is that it's the worst of both worlds, but I'm interested to hear if you were thinking of any advantages of that method.

Well perhaps have a few 'anchor' scenes in the game that can determine your characters personality so the people can change their characters ways later in the game if they desire.

Example: Someone kills his friend, but it was because his friend wronged him in some way (robbery, etc.). This can really go either way: Your character kills the guy for revenge (evil), or sees the path his friend chose led to his downfall and the player can choose to spare the killer good), which would alter the choices the character has after this event in the way they chose.

I was thinking for my next RPG Maker game doing something like that, sort of a combination of 'well defined character' and 'player choice'.

Main character choices vs. Concrete personality

One thing I think would be possible would be to use a variable to see what kind of choices the player picks, and if they pick aggressive choices make the character aggressive. Make the choices even more and more aggressive as the game goes on, and vice versa, so the player can choose their personality. Of course this takes more work and could be hard if you already have defined the character in one way.