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Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!




Yeah it is! But your over the halfway point so you are making good time :)


Thanks! Yeah I even tried to raise the encounter rate (I think on most maps it's 40 steps) but even then random encounters can still be a pain. My next RPG Maker game I'm doing non-random battles (And I know how to actually event them now the way I wanted them so this will definetly happen)


Well the class names is a minor complaint. At most I could be lazy and pull the "They have different meanings in this universe!" card I guess.

The spells for physical classes not doing much damage is due to their low INT. In order for physical classes to do lots of magic damage you will need to use INT orbs on them to boost their INT.


Thats around the midpoint of the game so I would say around level 30. Level 60 is about where you should be at the very end of the game, but the level limit is up to 99 in case someone wanted to level up more times so fights would be easier.


I'm glad your ideal party was different from mine :). I guess that means that each of the characters is strong enough that people will pick their parties based on what skills benefit their play style.

Hmmm, I'll have to see about the door. I don't remember having another unaccessable door in that cave. If I add more things to the game that could be a cool secret area to add though :)

I sort of wanted to make the player have to make a tough decision at that part with splitting up. Whatever you decide to go, you can't get the opposite chest.


Thanks for the review Jear! I'm curious as to who your 'idea' party was because some characters did end being a higher tier then others (at least I noticed that on my playthrough). Lily, for example, is very situational. She is amazing against elemental enemies but not as useful in other fights.

Also thanks for pointing out that glitch with the cat lady, I will be sure to fix it up.

Bloodsphere v.1.2 is now up for download!


20 Chapters

Bloodsphere v.1.2 is now up for download!

The mine is off the road to the north east. Did you enter the cave? Im not sure why it would make you get stuck like a cart hit you.

Who wants to review my game?

Consider it doing a quality check of the kitchen on the Titanic.

I guess now it's more like doing a quality check on a Carnival Cruise Line :P

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