Music is not there for the character to hear, but for the player to know the character's mental and emotional state. But unlike with the pain and the physical effort of game characters, experiencing their internal thoughts and feelings by the player is often the intended result. That's the immersion.

Porcupine Princess
The story of two lovers separated by different beliefs.



Porcupine Princess

Made with VN Maker,huh?
Apparently all your games are made with this engine even though it's not possible.

I changed engines and I'm part of dev team. I'm curious why you said it's not possible. :)

Darkness Falls

Hi CoreExperience, I think your game is going to give you problems if you took the title and the cover art from an already commercial game created by D3Publisher, especially when you're starting an indiegogo. It's also published in Android and IOS store. It might be better if you rename your game. :)

Sweet! Thanks for changing :D

(2017) RMN Birthday Event Ideas

I already did a badaptation and rmn cameo, room escape appeals to me :'D

Does Anyone Remember GamingW? (Remembering Gamingw)

Someone left GamingW and handed the reins to Steel. And they were one of those who wanted GamingW to be less RPG Maker focused and more indie game focused. I think part of that crowd hates RPG Maker. It failed. And then I heard he died of Cancer.

It was Drule who took over. Due to server costs, he had to delete a part of the forum and nobody backed it up, so it lost most of the stuff. I think the Salt World was like an inside joke in a specific part of the forum and became the new name because we can't keep the domain name. It was a haze. And a lot of people didn't like that and it just went down.

...Cause, I really loved GamingWorld! During 2007 - (I have this bookmarked somewhere) - in the art forums, there was a dude who was going to art college, who would upload his 3 hour facial plane studies onto GamingW's art forums - and these were really cool to look at, cause not only did it show, how much hard work and effort paid off towards honing your craft - but how truly varied GamingW was, as a community:

No matter what forum you went into on GamingW, there was always someone who was particularly good at something.

Also you're talking about either Medieve or Mr. Delicious (Dave Rapoza). They're pretty awesome and helps artists all around. There's even Woofycakes/Corel. And I love GW around 2007 too because we have Art Wars, Art Competition and Coding Competitions and you get to see cool shit implemented back then. Also RPGs Alex games man.

Happy Birthday, Syrn!

Caz you know me too well <3

Persona 5, Streaming, and the Impact of Spoilers in Story-Driven Games

Didn't Persona 5 only allow LPs to a specific point of the game? 7/7 or something. I don't know, that makes sense to me from a promotional standpoint. You don't need to LP the full game to show people that it's great go buy it.

I'm actually with Mirak on this one since I also find it often how people don't buy great games because they've seen it all (story driven ones especially). Like if Cafe 0's entirety had been LP'd I don't know if I'd like to buy it per se even if I liked it. It's one of those games just ""playing"" it once is enough.

There's no denying it has helped indies but there's also always the risk of it tanking your sales -- and otome game developers have seen this too. I tend to like LPs on games relatively unknown than commercial games but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Where or how to learn game development management?

We use Trello and Backlog.

Rpgmaker RTP Pairings?

Decky achieved good work. *salutes*

Purely on Database heroes and not including the 'nameless' RTP guys.
RPG Maker 2000/3
Alex and Carol thanks to RPG's Alex.
Alex and Brian hate ship thanks to RPG's Alex.

RPG Maker XP
Aluxes and Gloria because of days

RPG Maker MV
I ship everyone to Harold because it has hilarious results.

RPG Maker VXAce
Ralph and Eric is my main.
Ralph and Bennett thanks to Yanfly.
Ralph and Oscar love/hate ship.
Ulrika and Ylva

Actually I ship everyone to everyone. I just love the VX/Ace cast way too much.


I'm sorry, I need to focus my attention in Drekirokr (at least for some time). But fear not, I have some maps over my wall that would never let me forget this thing exists.

But thanks for your concerns! I feel happy just knowing that there is someone sad about this -that kind of sounds messed up xD-.

It's cool, we need a reminder once in a while that people care for our stuff haha
But glad to hear it's not going to get cancelled :3