Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode I Tides of Fate

KisarethStudios-joined 10/05/2010
Just started playing your game and wow! I'm already addicted to the storyline! I agree with Acidreign totally out of all the games on this site you guys know how to deliver a real one. I'll be playing this over Mass Effect 2!
Ashana-joined 11/24/2010

I just reviewed your game, and I was completely floored by how awesome it is. Definitely looking forward to version 5.0 and the next games!
Acidreign-joined 11/24/2010

seems like a grate game will there be a part 2
Elmer-joined 10/29/2010

As you can see something FISHY is going on here...coincidence, maybe if yes then my bad, but it would be TOO coincidence to just happen. Giving yourself praise and "camouflage" it by using weak english is pretty lame idea.Why cant you just swallow your pride and get down to earth, its so easy. Peace out.

Tainted Reality

@Bonehead11 - Thanks for the subscribe. I couldn't remember the actual name for the Scyne class I chose, so I just chose Scyne as they tend to use scythes and the like. Necromancer is a far better name though, thanks.
No prob, game looks really good,just make sure you make finnally a REALLY GOOD necromancer class, with death magic,scythes,hexes and mainly manipulation of dead a.k.a. rising dead up zombies,skeletons you name it, if you have other class ideas you could call him apostate,heretic or maleficium.

Tainted Reality

How the heck I missed this? Im subscribing.

Edit: Oh and you can rename scyne to necromancer, because scyne is pretty stupid name if you ask me, I would stick to the classic, not used up to maximum yet classic.

Dragon Age: Learn It Now

Crap, game freezes in epilogue, does anyone know how to repair this ?

Dragon Age: Learn It Now

Game is great, gives me the old rpg vibe, im near the end got a quest called final original,I want to know how far the end is? I got a little dissapointed when I got the final battle quest and saw that I completed the game at 41%, I thought it would be longer...oh well still the game is rad, really long for nowadays and mainly fun...any good mods out there except additional dog slot, combat tweak, advanced tactics, runic armor and bash chests?

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Woke me up at the wrong time, god damn you!

Ever had one of those dreams that are so exiting and fun and crazy and your having such a good time then god knows who wakes you up for some really lousy reason?

I've been sick all Sunday ( he no big, hate Monday morning school anyway ) so I came home in the evening after getting a medical and had this crazy lucid dreams ( must have been the "voodoo" cough syrup @_@ lol )
In this dream (If I could remember it clear enough) was hell of fun, I dont exactly know how but I was just about to get it down with Kim Kardashian and a sexy nurse I took a peek at while getting some meds. I think we where in my room and.... " Hey man, could you close the gate up, I'm going shoping" woke me up! Shiiiit!

I don't know about you guys but whenever something wakes me up from any kind of dream with a naked Kim Kardashian and some banging tits I get pretty pissed off....yup, especially the fact that I woke up with my dick in my hand! Wow, hope no one saw that hahaha....

Anyway might as well go sip some voodoo syrup ( this shits a trip ) and get back to my bizz. So anyone had any crazy dreams lately?
Nice stuff bro....where did you bought it?
Yeah ussually when Im starting to get sick I get weird half alive half asleep dreams, but sadly I ussually see old hags and witches or I am out of body.


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