The Cure

The band?


How's your Christmas so far?

If you dont like Christmas go to work and give me your presents and food and money.

This website makes my day brighter!

I read this and I was like "where is the link to this website??" and then I came to realize he meant RMN.
Actually I am a "she" but that's ok. ; ) I don't know why, but online, I am commonly mistaken for a "he". o.O Perhaps it's my writing style? Not sure. =P

But anyways, these are exactly the kind of comments that make me laugh! Thank you. <3
wow. learn about the freaking patriarchy you dumb broad!!
lol I especially love your posts Jericho! xD You are just too much, its great. =P

Is this some kind of joke or am I sensing a fanboy...well girl.


Finnally something fucking awesome, I just hope you wont impelement any side love stories or some cliche storyline. Subscribing.

Everlasting Journey Review

Oh yes lets name fire attack with something unorthodox and totally unlogical that it takes us hours to find out what the heck it is like "ardour onset insubstantial " and without reading the mindboggling description like "The ablaze rose sky fervents the flesh of thy person,your picking"we wouldnt know what the heck it is,but we will be original. I prefer practical over fancy, but ofcourse he could at least change the name...

Time for a little break.

*insert random joke*


Finnally something awesome, Im subscribing this.

The Cure

This game stirs my old RM2000 heart...

Is that a good thing?


If anyone would say this to themselves, then we still would be in stone age.

Chronology of the Last Era

This game looked very interesting, intro was great, the start wasnt that hot but when I got into the sewers and had to fight trough hordes of random spawn enemies, I just stopped. If it werent for frustrating random battles, I would have enjoyed this game, because it looks great.