is coffee really the only way?

Answer is green tea, its not only extremelly healthy, but acts as natural coffee and it tastes great, not like cooshitfee. Another great thing to do is when you wake up,is to massage your sole feet, make sure you arent affraid to add pressure, it will start up your body, then twist massage every single finger on your hands and at last clean your face with cold water. Afterward ,make sure you have clean hands, massage your eyeballs, really it wakes you up, do it until you feel fresh. Or just take a morning shower and morning exercises.

What is the Biggest Design Flaw in Games?

I still think da biggest design flaw is dat they ain't no asian people in asian made games. Waddup!?

This is a sad fact.

A request for quests!

Interesting quests are multi part quests, for instance one guy was robbed by this man with an eyepatch, then you ask people around, one of the people know where he may be, either you pay him for info or beat him up, then you will find his hut, there will be dead body, you will find a letter with some involvement of cult, you will ask about that cult, people will tell you where they make the rituals you go there, there you will find man with eyepatch, he will be some possesed wacko, you kill him with his henchmen, take his head, give it to officials, give stolen goods back everyone happy or you could ally with that wacko, he could teach you some stuff so that you may infiltrate the cult,destroy them or join them. Put some twists and mysteries into it, games arent about chores, but about having fun. Make quests some side stories or if you want to some chores with rewards like take boxes from one end to another, or kill x amount of wolfs.

What is the Biggest Design Flaw in Games?

Games being bland,repetitive,lack of originality and boring.

NFL Super Bowl XLV

Football is for sissies, go rugby.

What games are you looking forward to?

Duke nukem forever and The elder scrolls 5, otherwise nothing, well Guild Wars 2 is looking interesting.

I'm going to get in a fight soon. Please, RMN... help me.

Just piss on him when he is down. If you want to use some words, just please dont rhyme.


Someone got inspired by firegod saga...

Upcoming RMN Updates (01/24/2011)

There will be a single forum for off topic discussion called "Off Topic".
All the topics from General, Videogames, and Art will be merged into this forum.

I dont think it will work,it will be one giant mish mash, not only it would be harder to backtrack those threads, but it will be harder to generally navigate. There will be tons of art,game,general threads, that they may not fit on the first page,making the forum flooded and not clean. I think Videogames and art should be made seperate again, but what the heck its not mine forum. Jast mah 50 cents yo.

Any strange phobias?

I have fear of having a fear of fear.