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Chronology of the Last Era

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Wondering if I Should Continue This

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The Cure

Finnally some feedback!!! Now lets sumarize this.
Here ya go. Sorry about the formatting, copy/pasted from notepad.

First impressions

-no title screen? wtf

Me:I have title screen done, but not in the demo, the demo is just alpha version of CBS...I should have pointed it out more.

-it starts with a cursor that i move with the arrows, i thought i had to move it to the commands below but it appears below them so i cant see where it is. also, it doesn't really align with them. i tried selecting one with the cursor but nothing was happening. then all of a sudden the cursor was gone and the arrows started to move a highlight for the buttons.

Me: I should have added tutorial.

-ok, so i can do stuff now. i'll pick inventory...aww, crash. (its funny how i happened to pick this command first xD)

Me:Yes yes I should have added some tutorial on how it works, my bad.

-music would be nice, even if it's just a small demo


After spending some time with it...

-um, ok, now that i've played around i can say that it looks cool for the most part and its a very unique idea, however

there are many issues.

-it's not a good idea to have the map like 3 screen lenths wide. there is no way to justify having an enemy that far. i did notice you can move away from the enemy faster than it gains on you, so you could retreat to refuel a bit but still its time consuming and eventually you will run out of room. and probably not get that much back anyways away. moving around is cool but too much is a waste of time.

Me: Dont worry enemies will have different agility stat, wich defines ATB speed fill, I have set your agility to maximum so it wont be boring and you could try every single skill.

-when you pan the screen, the sprites don't move at the same speed as the background so it makes it look like they aren't really standing on the grass, in one spot. it looks bad/weird.

Me: Yes yes i know, I really dont know how to repair this issue.

-instructions would help, even for this small demo. tell me that i press shift to go to the commands, let me know NOT to pick inventory.

Me:My bad

-i dont like the fact that the enemy doesn't pause when the player is in a menu or picking skills or viewing a message box. it just kept slashing away as i clumsily navigated the menus. even if after a while you get used to where everything is i would be annoyed by the fact that the enemy never hesitates and i have to slowly move a cursor around to do stuff. like if i scan it and im reading what it says, im getting hit the entire time. i decided to scroll all
the way to the right and kept getting slashed(why would i ever want to scroll around the map if i'm just going to keep getting killed). the cursor moves kinda slow too, its good for picking skills so you don't overshoot it but for panning the screen it's too slow.

Me: I had a "dilema" between chosing not to give pause or give it, I choose not to give to make it more fast paced, but in truth its just annoying. I will adjust the pan speed and make maps alot smaller.

-i can see the cursor through the words "inventory" and "talk". if the cursor doesn't do anything in that part of the screen, i shouldn't be able to bring it down there. it should be limited to the visable map area. it would be nice to have a sound when i press shift. oh and i don't like the ff(7?) menu sounds, they seem kinda low quality and just out of place. nothing about this game has anything to do with ff and when you use sounds from it i instantly think ff and it just doesn't fit in.

Me: Great idea about limiting the screen. I thought I added sound for shift...will look at that. Dont worry about sounds, will change them, they are just alpha version.

-rtp animations, ew

Me: Yeah I know, will change em.

-when i pick attack or skills the cursor should appear next to my options, not wherever it was when i pressed shift. i have to slowly scroll over and usually take a hit if the cursor was far away. when i do pick attack, the cursor is invisible until i move it, it's confusing and if i press a direction to see where it is and pick the wrong way it gives the enemy more time to attack.

Me: This problem will be fixed by adding wait time between choosing attacks.

-there is no logic in trying to navigate to the defend option u.u if im on attack and press right, it goes to skills. on skills i press left, it goes to attack. if im on attack and press down, it goes to defend. any option that is on an edge, doesn't allow you to move towards the edge. except for when your on inventory and you press down, it goes to move right.

Me: Ohhhh, I forgot about this problem long ago a minor math problem, will be fixed.

-when it's my turn i have to press shift every time to pick attack, it just adds to the sluggishness and gives the enemy more time to act. when you pick attack it goes to "cursor mode" then you pick a swing. so when it's your next turn it stays in cursor mode, i have to press shift, pick attack, it goes back to cursor mode... it would be better to have it go to the fight options by default and if you want to pan around the map(which there is little reason to) you can press shift to go into cursor mode.

Me: Good point, will consider it.

-nothing wrong with the graphics, the person in the bottom right corner looks like a ninja turtle tho haha it would be nice to see some animation in the standing battle sprites, but w/e. i would like to see more frames in the attack animations. icons look nice. the layout of the icons is ok, except for the bleeding icon wasn't really over the monster, it was closer to me.

Me: Yes yes, custom animations will be done.

-overall things just happen too fast. it's hard to really tell whats going on or use strategy. if you have to think,
you'l wind up dead. where's the enemy health bar? do i have to scan it just to get a vague idea of that?

Me: Yes, you have to scan him...but I dont think thats a good idea, I will add an healthbar over the enemy.

-please don't call me bitch >.>


kidding, critique is always good so keep it up
Thanks for your time to critisize this shit.

But the main problem for me is if I should show damage done to you or the enemy or will the healthbar suffice?


Subscribed, lookin interestin.

Is RMN more interested in dicks or game profiles?

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@Strangeluv: I doubt that, I'm not trying to do anything ground breaking (gameplay-wise), I'm hoping to just tell a story. But I appreciate the enthusiasm.
This is how great games are born.

And mainly
you would be able to skip this
This is the main issue with intros in many games, so a big plus.


I would move your character to the right a little to balance out the playing field.
I know it's kinda hard to read, but...see those buttons "Go Left" and "Go Right"?

Anyway, WOW! This is the sort of thing you endure all those games with Alex and claims of being "old school" for. The only thing I have to recommend is maybe move up the upper HUD a little, since there's a lot of blank space there, or maybe decorate it some.

Thank you, but I dont understand what are you talking about this Alex and old school.