Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Well Im on hiatus but that doesnt mean I can make a thing here or there. Just done a woodcutting minigame, works suprisingly good, just need to time animations properly and its awwwriiight.

Giving Feedback: Pass or Fail

First impression is very important, because most of the time,it makes you attached to a game and that attachment lasts very very very long, in very good games, it lasts till the end of the game.

What games are you looking forward to?


After 13 years its time to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I am all out of gum.

Balls of steel.

Tainted Reality

A few suggestions if I may.
1. I dont know if dark mage is suitable name for the character you created, because if I would pick dark mage, I would imagine a lightning zapping evil magician who dishes out incredible amount of damage. I would change his name to suit his role more, for instance hexer,heretic,occultist or you could go with the original warlock or witch if character will be female.

2. Ive got an idea for some characters if you want to add more.

Reaver or Revenant- He will be a total psychopath and demon possesed cold blooded warrior, he will be able to draw life from enemies trough demonic pact. His demonic trance will allow him to make pleasure of pain, so everytime enemy damages him, it will give him buffs, so giving him better armor will actually make his buffs weaker,healing will debuff him too. He will be equipped with axe and very light armor,because of demonic skills mentioned before. His personality could be done with 2 egos. His normal ego will be scared little boy, who was tortured or that kinda shit, he will be very shy,scared and act like little kid, his other ego, result of demonic pact done in his childhood, will be cruel sadistic cold blooded egomaniacal psychopath, with witty comments and have pleasure of being in pain.

Monk- A zealous wandering monk, living ascetic life. He will be that typical iron skin, light armor tank with high critical chance,high evasion rate,speed. His weapons will be polearms,kicks and punches. His second skillset would be mantras, he will recite them in order to strengthen only himself or banish evil demons. He could be funny short fellow always smiling,extremely religious, but he will have weakness for something with wich he will have constant conflict because of his past life before being monk .

Good luck.

RPG 20XX Engine

I dont know if anyone proposed this but pretty please could you make command for showing the value stored in a variable,for instance in message box ? Because that would make everything million times easier. If it is proposed and implemented than THANK YOU.

The unbeatable battle.

Unbeatable battles are so overused that you will know when they come.


Oh man im trippin balls.

A request for quests!

The Lazy Quest-o-matic Having trouble coming up with that last quest needed to finish your game? Need a few diversionary sidequests and are fresh out of ideas? Then grab a normal six-sided die and start The Lazy Quest-o-matic. Make two rolls, and apply the results as below:

First Roll:
If Roll is: The action of the quest is to:
1 Liberate/Recover/Intercept
2 Destroy/Kill
3 Guard/Defend
4 Transport/Escort/Journey To
5 Create/Build/Summon
6 Gather Information About

Second Roll:
If Roll is: The object of the quest is to:
1 Item
3 Message/Data
4 Secret or Dangerous Location
5 Magical Equipment/Technology
6 Monster

Note for all the actions that there are contingencies separated by slashes. It would be pretty strange to Escort a Dangerous Location. You are, of course, not restricted to this list. Make your own list, or use a higher-numbered die. Or add a third die with a setting (cave/dungeon, forest, tower, temple, castle/village, swamp).

Disclaimer: This is a place to get a quest idea started. Overly randomized games tend to be disorganized and somewhat silly. Employ quests that are tied in to the problem and circumstances of your world.

You forgot searching quests.

is coffee really the only way?

the benefits of tea is greatly overstated.

but it is delicious, so I drink it all the time.
Naah it just depends on what quality you get out there, surely when you buy classical teabags, they are crappy and you would be extremelly surprised that normal, homey grew tea in garden will not only taste totally differently but the effects are total another matter. You dont know what kind of cheap tricks they use, I wouldnt be surprise that those cheap teas only saw those plants in a movie and the effects may even be pure placebo ,this applies not only for teas.

One Thousand Words

Also, the more people that tell me they're going on hiatus to wait for this thing, the faster I push forward since I want to see what you do.
Guess what, not doing any major stuff until this baby comes out, good luck and godspeed.