Character Development?

Ehh I said similiar, not exact copies, sure you loose friends and you get new ones, thats how it goes, but you can base them off from how you knew them, because as you know people change.If you put anger on them, you could make interesting characters, everything bad is good for something and if people are not emotionally developed, then this could help them vent out their issues. I just said looking in your life is easier then creating whole new concepts and sometimes, its better than anything people can imagine.


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Character Development?

Well its not that hard to develop a character, ussually it takes alot of thinking on how they will react, conditions etc. trough the storyline but its pretty easy if you make them similiar to your friends,family or people who you meet, you know as they say, life is the best book around.

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Sane/Insane Meter Script

You could do it trough basic events,I dont know how to do scripts in new RPG makers. You will need one variable, name it "insanity". When you want the insanity meter to go up, do a basic variable operation, + number you want to that variable, for instance you open scary door, variable operation +10. If you want to make the insanity meter go down, you will do variable operation -5 for instance, now you would have 5 insanity. Pretty simple, eh?Dont forget it must be parralell process.But you will need to make sure it doesnt go below 0, so you will make a conditional branch, if variable insanity less or equal 0 then set insanity 0, this will make sure it wont fuck up.

Now we make the effects you wanted, so we add conditional branch, if insanity 25 then show picture 2 for instance. Get it? If you want to make 100 insanity "the end", you will add conditional branch if insanity 100 then... add what you want.

Now for graphical part, you will need another event, again parralell process. Now you will need to make alot of pictures, 100 if you want 100 insanity, every single number represented by single point in the meter. Now if you have those pictures, here comes the boring part. You will need to write conditional branch for every number in your variable. If insanity is 1 then remove picture 2,show picture2.
Under picture 2 you would add the picture representating the number in variable insanity, if it is 1 then you will add the picture with 1 point in meter. Remove picture 2 must be before show picture, because it makes sure, that the older picture wont stay there.Now you will need to make every single conditional branch for every single number you have.

Pretty easy but boring, I just hope you understand.

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Demon Bitch/Bastard, Your first crush

You answered everything by yourself.
this entire topic is one bad bad joke