Demon Bitch/Bastard, Your first crush

I was at high school
she was 11 years old
One faithfull day her parents asked me to babysit her...
What a cliff hanger!
I agree what happened next?
You pervert.

More like.
Pussies must have been swimming in Guan Yu

Demon Bitch/Bastard, Your first crush

world of war crack?
I is a lv1!
It was summer then, I was at high school you know. I had a cute neighbour, she was 11 years old,I had a crush on her,she used to smile everytime I went around,she liked me. One faithfull day her parents asked me to babysit her...


Drugs are bad.

Until you do them, then they're pretty cool.
Glues and exhaust pipes arent drugs!!!!!!!!!!

Why are a lot of us chicks?

Compared to how it was even five years ago, there are a lot more girls in the RM scene - especially here. I remember first coming to this site and being so surprised that there were more than two other girls. Shock!

As for the whole 'being dicks thing', I think it's just a phase we're all going through. There's a lot of new people to the programs - especially with VX - and the 'old crowd' is probably getting a bit annoyed at those few who ruin it for the others by not listening to good advice or just thinking they know best.

Of course, it could be that we're more mature and don't take shit as well as we used to. Hell, I know that certain members piss me off quite a bit, even though I'm a pretty level-headed gal - though watching my LPs you'd probably beg to differ. >_<

And yes, there is a bit of insularity among the older crowd. We've basically grown up with each other or at least watched each other grow up, know each other a lot better/have a better feel for each others' meanings and are more forgiving of each others' antics.

Girls rule.
Boys drool - amongst other things.

Yeah, yeah. Go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich woman.


RPG 20XX Engine

Could I port game from rpgm2k3 to this? If yes, I cant wait.

Video thread!

grs i am calling you out
What the fuck,Is this even possible?????

Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode I Tides of Fate

A) He's not my "wingman" he co-founded our little "company" together.

B) We were thinking of selling it at one point, and then we decided not to since it's a VX game. If the game were XNA and made from the ground up with all custom graphics, then we'll sell it.

C) Oh yes I did put Kisareth Studios on Merchantcircle, I wanted to network with companies in the area and it worked. They're playing the game as we speak. :)

D) That topshareware link? Yeah ooooold link, and thanks for reminding me to take it down.

E) The very fact that you went out and did all this? That's what hilarious to me. You seem to be 'out to get me' for some odd reason. Well yep, ya got me. The game costs money which is why it's on here for free. Riiiiiight! Oh and insinuating that I, or anyone else couldn't afford VX out of our own wallets is just absolutely beyond the realm of stupidity. If my co-founder decides to self-advertise, that's his thing. Eventually we'd like to get out of VX and into another engine that we can code from the ground up.

You didn't "unearth" anything there Bonehead. You simply pointed out to everyone just how stupid you really are by even bothering. Oh and my friends are gamers, so I show them what's on this site and see if they'd like to download anything on here (actually I put forward Legionwood, Avarice, and a few others to show them quality games) and I feel bad for you that you haven't done that's actually a lot of fun.

Oh, and I'm glad you felt disgusted by my words...because you got me laughing like hell over here. Thanks for the giggles. I needed them. :D

To tell you the truth, I wouldnt even bother doing such shit, as you can see I progressed with research, but your attitude, overall dickishness, sky scraping ego made me do this, it was really easy to find it, actually first google shit, next time be smarter.

Oh, and I'm glad you felt disgusted by my words...because you got me laughing like hell over here. Thanks for the giggles. I needed them. :D
Sorry but pathetic attempts on justifying your actions and running away is futile, you cant swim away from the shit you poured in yourself.And if you think you are cool with that dark goth stuff...well have fun and dont be a egomaniacal dick.
Love to all, peace out.

Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode I Tides of Fate

Bonehead...your words are like fire ants besieging the asgard of my mind. It's okay that you don't quite get my brand of sarcasm, it's hard to translate it into typing for some people. Anyway, apparently you did not really READ my post. So let me spell it out for you.

"I'm content with people downloading my game, and hopefully they enjoy it. If not, oh well, shit happens and you move on."

Do you understand what I mean by this? I'm not in this for self-promotion, I'm happy with just having people downloading my game and playing it. Oh, and if you even bothered to read the forums you would realize that I did actually take peoples' criticisms into account with all the fixes in this latest and final version of the game. If you think I'M aggressive, then obviously you haven't read past comments on other game reviews or what not...I've seen some doozies. So here it is in a nutshell. The only thing FISHY is that you're still trying to do whatever it is you're trying to do, and it doesn't matter at all. People are downloading the game (yay almost nearing a hundred!), and Emirpoen is actually going to re-review the game sometime later on.

So let's see...I can and do take criticism into account and make the appropriate changes...AND I don't give a rat's ass much about Misao votes or accolades. So, what is your point again? Oh don't have one. Proof is in the pudding as they say Bonehead, and I've proved I can take criticism and apply it to my projects even after I've been a newb idiot in the past.

Did I mention I'm a royal bitch? Yeah that too. Have a great day! :D

*Edit* I will say this Bonehead, you did manage to make 16 of my closest friends (we're having a party right now) laugh like hell at your post. Now we're all saying "Fishy!" to one another. Thanks for that. We needed a good laugh.
This is it, this is the best reply ever.

Ontopic:Please dont steer offtopic,here is some proof of your least he could change his name,by the way sorry for pinning this all on you, I should have known you used a wingman.
another one
Here is the original post for those with short memory.
I just reviewed your game, and I was completely floored by how awesome it is. Definitely looking forward to version 5.0 and the next games!

Something interesting I found while googling:
Do you really want money for your game?Did you really registered Kisareth Studios as a merchant group? If you havent bought legal copy of RPG maker VX, wich is pretty hefty on wallet, than that stuff is illegal you know.

And as for mine point, is to point out that you are using wingman or wingmans on this matter, to self advertise, wich in mine point of view is pathetic idea. I really dont know from where you get this paranoid nonsense of hate...I even wanted to try your game, but your weird psychotic change of stances,emotional flow and opinions just made me feel disgust and I dont care that you are "partying with friends" but if you really read or any game forum at party...with friends...I am without words...oh and next time please read what you write, because you keep shitting in your mouth.

Why are a lot of us dicks?

Dicks keep vaginas away. If people would be too friendly to people, our best artists would be still drawing like 8 year olds, but if people would always be dicks, then no one would do anything. The balance is the key to enlightement.

Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode I Tides of Fate

You're absolutely right. I mean, I should be held responsible for people actually liking/hating the game, and having bad/good typing skills. Of course, I'm a horrid girl that just can't swallow her pride and get down to earth right? I mean, let's just completely disregard my introduction post on here in the forums, and hell while we're at it let's also get into something ELSE that's kinda fishy 'round the bend. See, I find it just a little...odd...that someone would take the time to actually look up when three people joined when those comments are what? Over a month a half old? Hmmm...nah I must just be delusional right? After all, even though I was quite specific in my intro post on the forum that I hoped my game was "semi-decent now with the fixes", apparently I'm just not allowed to have anyone LIKE the game right? game is just too horrid. Yeah that's gotta be it...

Ooooooooor...nah I guess I'm just a horrid bitch beast of hell. Can't swallow my Goddess what am I to do? ......................................................................ah eff that. Swallow your own damn pride and either play the game or don't. I'm not here for accolades, or Misao votes, or review scores, or none of that crap. I made a game that I like to play, that my family and friends are enjoying playing, and if even one more person likes what I created then it's been worth it. I'm content with people downloading my game, and hopefully they enjoy it. If not, oh well, shit happens and you move on. Does that about cover it all I hope?

Talking about issues...
Ontopic: For start I HAVENT said anything about your game, read the original post.I dont care what kind of game it was. I quoted it for you, by the way.
As you can see something FISHY is going on here...coincidence, maybe if yes then my bad, but it would be TOO coincidence to just happen. Giving yourself praise and "camouflage" it by using weak english is pretty lame idea.Why cant you just swallow your pride and get down to earth, its so easy. Peace out.

The point is,that I was getting suspicious that you are self-promoting your game,second you are pretty aggressive toward people who give you critique,wich is a big no no for people who create stuff,that is what I meant that for the pride part,for your info...

The main thing that made me think this was this line:
Just started playing your game and wow! I'm already addicted to the storyline! I agree with Acidreign totally out of all the games on this site you guys know how to deliver a real one. I'll be playing this over Mass Effect 2!

The bonus is that Acidreign and Ashana only posted on your game, at the same time, coincidence maybe.
That elmer guy, I dont know I may be wrong with him.