Projects to finish before leaving rpg maker:
1)Left Behind 2 - A game about love (A remake, the original was only 80% finished)
2)Route Through Peaks - A game about letting go (60% finished, currently on hiatus)
3)Burnt Ones - A game about criminals (10% finished, I probably will start anew)
4)Chain of Love - A chain game (0% finished)



Sharing commissioned resources

I wonder, my beautiful creative friends, how does intellectual property work with commissions. When I want to release commissions for free as the one, who purchased work of the artist, do I need them to agree? Can cost of such commissions differ?
This is something I wonder about as I want to release all of my future projects under creative commons. I know that every individual art person should have their individual way to approach and that not talking about such intension beforehand is rude. I'd like to hear your personal opinion. How important is ownership of your art for you? Would you even consider such an arrangement?

Spy vs. Mafia II Signups!!! (Will add mafia tag at end of signups)

You need to get one first, milk.

Spy vs. Mafia II Signups!!! (Will add mafia tag at end of signups)

Sign me up
Sign me down

And please read your PMs, not reading them calls for a policy lynch.

Do you have an RM/N bucket list?

I totally missed Baclyae being released. The game totally flew under radar.


I love both the concept and execution of the map.

Do you have an RM/N bucket list?

I like to evaluate my life and making lists. So, there's yet another list of things I would like to accomplish around this site.
1. Finish my projects
Ok, let's talk about the trickiest one right away. I have three projects on hiatus I believe have meaning as games. Unfortunately, I'm unable to work on stories or to find anything meaningful in games these days. This probably will change in the future again and gammak is the main reason I'm sticking around after all...
2. Meet some of you
...or am I really? Talking with you became a part of my daily routine. Still, I find conversations over internet lacking. I would to talk with some of you in person. I guess another European meetup would be an ideal opportunity.

3. Play and finish several big RM games.
This one's basically cheating as it contains multiple epic games. They all have one thing in common. They are personal projects of passion. These games are: Paradise Blue, Hellion, Luxaren Allure, Jimmy and The Pulsating Mass, Villnoire (and some smaller ones such as Soma Spirits and Copey Isle).

4. Keep on writing interviews till the end of year
Plus, Infection Files asked me to have a chat with him. I need to remind myself of that when I'm back in the city.

5. Review 20 2020 releases in 2020
The Misaos are an important part of this site as a way to make people engaged in playing games and eventually feel heard. I would love to make as much as possible to help people make an informed decision. I probably won't be able to review more than one or two other games this year, but I hope for the next year to be better.

6. Run my own event
I either want to reboot Chain of Love and run it as a chain game for roughly 8 people and make a custom assets pack for it or run a mapping I event (Maps Weekly 3) for both beginners and advanced accompanied by tutorial series on basics of good mapping (using only Vx Ace's RTP).

How to make better rpgmaker trailers!!!

Thanks for an interesting article, Lord!

I also disagree that the trailer has to be 1 minute MAX. Most professional trailers tend to go for 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. I don't think the trailer should be overly long, but I certainly don't think 1 minute should be the cut-off point. I won't say it's a bad length for a trailer either, but I think it really depends on your game's content. With Grimps, it works, because the game is short. But there's no harm in showing off a little more if your game is multiple hours long.

This is where I agree with Lord the most. Keeping it short is good, when it comes to games with fixed perspective. Off there are some exceptions.
I agree with you on walking shots. They give you a sense of adventure action sequences or dialogue can't.
I think this is a well written article and a great formula for clueless devs. It's easier to engage audience, when you structure your trailer as a tiny story. You need to present some kind of a cliffhanger and show your game off. This is also, why this formula isn't applicable mechanically. If you're making a dreamscape adventure, ten clips of straight movement might work better than highlights. Text slides always make your game look more epic (in an almost comical way). Showing too many clips of battles can turn some viewers off.
Choosing one song and making basically a music video is usually good. Hovewer, I would encourage experienced editors to work more subtly with audio. Add some other sounds, stop the song for few seconds, use it only for the grand finale and so on.

If I ever manage to complete Burnt Ones, I will make a live action trailer for the game.

(Btw I think the best RM trailer I know is the one for Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass. It's on a longer side, but individual clips are always perfectly timed. The trailer that bored me more than hyped is the above-mentioned Ara Fell trailer.)

Date Knights work continues!

Ok, I finished the demo. It was enjoyable and I definitely want to see the rest. Here's a micro review in spoilers. Sorry for it being even more derpy than usual, I'm writing this on my phone.

Date knights have been a short and sweet ride. The demo is extremely polished (I noticed this is a standart with your games). More than any previous game this reminds me of Fomindrah's older games such as In Search of Immortality in both writing and mapping. It might be because you're focused more on world building and making characters likable than on an actual story. It's not a problem once you get hooked, because the story relates to both enough. I would like to see boys have more of a story arc later on. It's not necessary to force it in the game itself. You can write a short story or make a comic about them (something like that would be an ideal secret santa).
The world Date Knights take place in is interesting. You're basically using pocket dimensions within a connecting dimension. I like the way it structures the game in small diverse environments, which remind me of Quest Questers and board games such as Talisman. Also, It creates space for future explains of Zenithira in other games. I guess I would like to see more optional lore.
Characters are all likable with beautiful artwork. I think girls only became interesting during and after the second dungeon. There's something I like about getting invested in personal storylines only after already being invested in saving the world (crystals being persons helps here).
Aesthetics wise I enjoyed it a lot, busts are beautiful, maps are nice (with some loose ends) and music fits great. I especially enjoyed the battle theme. Talking about battles, battlers are super dark in comparison to the busts. It's not bad, just little weird. On an emotional level, it works. Characters bring the positivity in dark and corrupted Waters of vignette worlds.
Dungeon design feels different from the last time I played a game of yours. It's definitely solid and the flow works, but I could see you taking more inspiration from new sources. I already mentioned Indrah's mapping and I probably would add Liberty's dungeon building as a good reference point to this game's dungeon too. Overall, It was a very unity experience in hindsight with a hub and an intro and a cool merchant and definitely a quality one.
Battles are quite vanilla. I think that some actors were more well rounded than needed. Armin worked well as a mage with some healing. Raine was usefully against unholy creatures and as a secondary healer, but the game was too easy on normal to use most of her skills. Evleen is definitely little overpowered with the best skill set out of the bunch. Jacob (I hope it's the guy's name) is kind of useless. His supporting skills are not needed and his crippling skills, while good, aren't that better than an ordinary attack. I like him as an idea a lot, tho. What I smell here are two teams. Reina and Jacob work together we'll and so does Armin with Evleen. Together, the former couple is definitely on a weaker end.

Is borrowing sprites like this legally okay? :3

Conclusion: Make a free game.

Also, there's one more thing to consider- who are you stealing from.
Basically, the if you take resources from an old 8-bit or 16-bit game, I'm okay with. But using resources from small games is more of a thin ice territory for me. I think that it is ok to borrow something from moddable game or inspire yourself with certain style. But never take someone's personal resources and use.
Your example, in particular, is totally ok with me if you use it in a free game and credit chucklefish.

Date Knights work continues!

Woo hoo,
I downloaded the demo, but being the deck I'm, I haven't got around to playing. But seeing you indirectly ask for feedback I might boot it up tonight.