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i got the devils luck and play the devils music




He needs to eat more so he'll be buffier <3

the body type shown here is the most attractive male form

Forever's End

The new guys who come here are always asking when Ep. 2 is coming out.

when is ep 2 coming out

Thus cometh EMDE2

this internet user is my bestest buddy. read her blog, learn something about not making dragon quest over and over

Looking Back: Beloved Rapture

i love you aaron

Final Fantasy Empires

Ugh I keep forgetting to play this. ~_~

I am responding to this message I posted 3/12/2008 to say that I just played this. Boy, did it ever bring me back to good times. Your ancient RPG Maker game made me feel genuinely good. Something about the wonder and potential of old RM games soothes the soul...

Forever's End

If Kenshin is that secret ninja boss, I beat him at whatever level I was at just from clearing each area of the game once and doing no more than that, so it's possible!


yeah, i think it's hilarious because it's true. he's a fraud and he knows it(you know it too), i wouldn't even say anything if i didn't have some grounds for it. i guess i should pat him on the back like you do.

keep circle jerking, bro. i am awful for exploiting a dirtbag. i think i am going to go cry. how will i ever sleep at night. your words cut so deep, i ... -gulp-

but you don't have any grounds. 'project eternity' had nothing but a logo and received 4 million dollars. kickstarter is for selling ideas, not completed products. apparently everyone on the planet realized that except you? you've obviously already been doing a lot of crying because someone didn't meet karl crawford's personal idea of what is allowed to be funded on kickstarter. i've never seen such a gigantic baby in my life. 'fraud'. lmao



I still support them but idk, $55,000 on Indiegogo? It doesn't really look like they did their research!

yes, because a guy who commits fraud on kickstarter has credible opinions. remember guys, if you want to game a bunch of humans commission 2 mockups and art in a month. long live fraudfall!

ghosts idea of research is scamming people with fake content. he's an inspiration to us all.

jesus christ you're such a whiny little bitch. man up to your own shortcomings instead of taking it out on everyone but yourself. i mean, holy shit dude. you seriously need to get a hold of yourself. obviously you're the fucking pinnacle of content production with 2 qte robot scenes produced in 6+ years. game must be 99% complete! you're too lazy to do anything that requires a slight amount of effort like actually improving your art and game presentation or learning what an rpg maker variable does, but it's cool, it's not your fault - everyone who worked hard on their craft is just cheating by using tablets that magically produce art, right? the only reason you're not successful is because you're so fucking noble. a real, true blue artist in a world of frauds. if you're 30 fucking years old and still can't realize what a joke your infant mentality is then you're probably never going to learn. you're so dumbfounded by your own failure that you feel the need to follow someone who succeeded around the entire site as if engaged in some kind of ritual ablution, washing away the pain of your own incompetence and the possibility of any self realization. i supported you before you decided to start acting like such a piece of shit to a friend who actually made it. take responsibility for yourself and grow the fuck up before it's too late. god speed.

Demons/Dark Souls and hard as shit games.

Traditional 'video games' without an extreme level of difficulty are pointless. Game mechanics are rendered meaningless without difficulty because the player is not required to use them. Random old games that seem unremarkable can spring to life just from patching in a difficulty boost. Suddenly all the nuances of the design are illuminated... mastery of them indispensable to victory. Difficulty makes games sing. I can't understand the purpose of designing all this shit for a game and then making it so easy that all of it can be completely ignored.

I mostly stopped playing new games around when the PS2 came out aside from the brilliant Castlevania Level 1 Hard Modes. The one modern franchise I am interested in is Souls. They are wonderful and engrossing games, but honestly they could use a Hard Mode, still being pretty easy. Still holding out hope that somebody makes a difficult video game for me to play one day. I really can't understand people who complain that Dark Souls is too hard, unfair, etc. Just, don't get hit by the bad guys?

Barkley 2 Kickstarter

im just sad that i was never a part of gamingw

it was a lot of fun..back in the day

author=Killer Wolf
I couldn't get into the original, and never saw its appeal. I'd be more inclined to support a kickstarter to pay them NOT to do this, in the hope of preventing "Oh wow, Barkley 2!" from taking attention away from other projects that might deserve it more.

that isn't how it works but okay... whichever projects you don't feel deserve it shouldn't be there