an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
i got the devils luck and play the devils music




the crimson demesne
bloodleaf forest
the scarlet wood

idk using the same tileset/mood is fine whatever, but it just strikes me as really really weird that IN ADDITION someone would use the exact same area name when it takes a human brain 2 seconds to come up with numerous other possibilities. like, WOW. plagiarism seems to be kind of an all-or-nothing thing i guess. i've liked your stuff in the past tau, but this kind of mental process is just mystifying to me.

brb making a refmap floating island town called caldoria and 100% expect not to hear anything about it from anyone. if someone says something they're an asshole


redmoon forest. really

Design & Beauty: A Look At Art Direction

Moral of the story: Do the exact opposite of anything Amano does since all his shit looks the same. Is it Celes? Rosa? Cecil? I can't tell. Oh that's right BECAUSE THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME.

it is incredible how much you don't know, about things

Forever's End

it's been quiet around here...

Keeping it in RMN.

But yeah I'd love to see stuff being made that really inspires you and challenges you like we did back in 2005!
This is so disingenuous that I cannot believe you actually believe it. I mean, I literally don't. You don't think this, stop pretending that you do.

Please do not pretend that games like Balmung Cycle and Rose Chronicles and Naufigaar or whatever it's called were the baseline of RM development in 2005 instead of rare exceptions in a sea of RTP games. You know, exactly the same way it is now.

This site features cool games on the front page every day, please do not pretend we are hiding them from you.

it's nice that you think so. there used to be a lot more 'exceptions' though.

Games we need to get over

I don't think Chrono Trigger was very good, nor do I think there's much to learn from it.

that explains a lot

vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

Sorry for the outburst, but every time this asshole opens his mouth I want to strangle him.

semper fi

vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

This the most unexepected and amusing defense of monarchy I have encountered, it shows you must be an American. You forget that capitalism is not the opposite of monarchy but democracy, and the thousands of potential artists coming from poor backgrounds who never got a chance to become what they wanted, probably did not even have the chance to know they wanted it. Democracy being also the access to culture for all, beleive me, things are much better like they are now than under a governing monarchy. Also amusing, so you consider yourself as an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture?

capitalism is the opposite of democracy. it is a monarchy based on financial power (lobbying etc). i am not an american. americans predominantly believe in the facade of democracy they have been told is real democracy. why would you think i am american because i stated that an aristocracy whose members are encouraged to be culturally sophisticated is healthy for the cultivation of good art, a fact categorically demonstrated in the 18th century. it was not a general defense of the concept of monarchy as a form of government or some sort of assertion of 'american' (???) thinking. i don't even know how you could have drawn this conclusion.

as you said i am sure there were people who would have liked the chance to become successful artists but weren't of sufficient stature, and that is regrettable, but that is a result of the social dichotomy of the time and not a failing of the culture's ability to discern good art from poor art, which is invaluable. i am not even sure why you brought that up because the point was not even remotely that everything about 1700s france is superior. i have noticed this weird problem with people where they are incapable of reading a body of text and discerning its meaning, and then formulate an impassioned riposte to an assertion that was never made. oh well.

Really? You're saying that this blog post is some kind of cultural critique that's intended to improve RM games?

all forms of communication between human beings develops society and culture. yes, even in 'cyber space'

And I don't know what to call this except malice, because this blog post just calls the games bad and makes vague, sarcastic comments about them without actually offering any useful or interesting insight. This post isn't about the games.

maybe you should take another look because his reasoning is clearly stated, even though the shortcomings addressed in the article should be evident to anyone through casual observation.

It's about insulting the developers, and it's sending the message that if you dare ask for money for an RPG Maker game, your fellow RM users will vilify you. Seriously, how is this improving the art form?

i don't know why you're talking about rpgmaker specifically. i don't think tft cares about who is or isn't using rpg maker. it's about general VIDEO GAMES MAKING. human beings make creative works, the end product is a result of the nature of the person making them. attacking the work is the same thing as attacking the creator. in this endless cultural process of sorting out what is good or what isn't, it is inevitable that certain individuals feel pressured or criticized.

he didn't even take the time and effort to do anything with the battle set up, yeah, he used the default "everything". why exactly is he being rewarded for this?

this is a wholly valid statement. it is an individual in a society addressing what he feels is a lapse in that society's cultural values, judgement, standards, and reasoning. that is the entire reason anybody writes anything ever. "why exactly is he being rewarded for this?" good question. oscar wilde wrote a billion essays and articles talking about shit he didn't like about english society. nietzsche wrote an entire book about how he believed widespread appreciation of wagner's music represented certain shortcomings in german culture.

when something is happening that seems problematic to the culture or society an individual exists in, he feels troubled and reacts by speaking out in opposition to what he perceives are the chief causes or perpetrators of the issue, because it is so important to him that he is willing to put his reputation on the line in an attempt to shape his society. in case i have to explain this, art is an incomparably influential force on societal and cultural development so that's one of the things that comes into contention again and again. this has been happening for thousands of years. i don't know why i have to explain this but this is so i guess i have to start at the basics every time.

the result is either that 'unemployment quest' guy is of sufficient conscience and taste to realize why he is being criticized and strive to create work more worthy of the tradition of the medium, and in the process his benefactors grow more educated about the art form and adjust their expectations accordingly. or, he feels offended and adamantly stands his ground, becoming part of an opposing school of thought which celebrates mediocrity and condemns virtue. it seems to me that you are angry about the standard course of civilizational development.

vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

then get mad when others try to turn it into a profession by using skills other than amazing pixel art or mind-bending plots, because to us that is the "important part" of our "art."

it, among other things, are the important part. is there something wrong with this?

We're sour when someone's work that doesn't seem as hard or as sacrosanct as our own gets them more acclaim or, worse yet, they "sell out" and get MONEY.

and are very right to. as a society it is just as important to denounce and reject poor work as it is to celebrate fine work. in the 18th century when educated aristocrats were in control of everything, quality painting, music, and writing was at the forefront of culture in france, germany, and italy. because the people who determined which work was successful and which artists were paid knew what they were talking about better than the average human being.

the composers who wrote music and performed for the court did so because the court knew they were good and rewarded them directly. those who weren't good were ignored and remained in obscurity. that filter doesn't exist now. capitalism is the status quo and nobody cares about anything but money, so anything that can potentially make money is acceptable. people like garbage because they don't know any better.

talking about it promotes awareness. as a society it is important that we develop an understanding of our artistic mediums. painting, writing, music, and film grew more sophisticated and their possibilities more diverse because each developed in an environment where there was always a certain academic precedent and oversight.

the study of what worked and didn't work, which art was effective and which was not, slowly and over generations of virtuous craftsmen led to works of increasing sophistication, from cave paintings to romanticism etc. this development cannot happen if there is no cultural filter based on a general understanding of the craft amongst the people and those chiefly responsible for the particular art form's pedagogy.

in other words, the next generation isn't going to produce superior work and move the field forward unless they are able to achieve an understanding of the last generation's strengths and failings. games are the most contemporary artform and, having developed in a hypercapitalist civilization and alongside the internet, there is absolutely no cultural filter on the medium like there was on film which developed only in the last century.

anyone can make a game and there is nobody 'in charge' like the old aristocrats or the old film studios who knew what a quality piece of work looked like, so people are making any sort of garbage they can and are being rewarded for it. time moves much faster now, societies and cultures change at an incredible pace, so things like default dbs vx games receiving 40,000 american dollarbills, it's the equivalent of continuing to make cave paintings for two thousand years. mud finger paintings of elk on the walls of versailles. imagine that. we are living it.

this process of culture sorting out what is good and bad/getting mad over poor work that you are derisively describing is the reason music developed from some gay bard strumming a lute to palestrina's species counterpoint to j.s. bach's art of fugue to every 19th century composer studying and building on what bach did, to radical explorations of harmony in the 20th century, and so on. this did not happen because human civilization kept rewarding the bard's exquisite monophony over and over and over. if that were to happen it is of paramount importance to our civilization that you get really fucking mad about it.

tft making this blog post saying, 'hey, this is some bullshit. what is going on here' is the only modern form of cultural filter we have. it is a society reacting against a grievous lack of virtue in the artworks it is producing, and through this process cultural consensus is achieved, so that the form can be developed upon in the future.

it is not as effective as some awesome and powerful individual like gustav iii of sweden personally funding artists or court nobles directly giving jobs to mozart, etc, but it's all we've got in this world where the most powerful, rich, influential individuals of our time only care about getting a diamond encrusted chalice for their office master bathroom and will happily sell 'breath of death' to achieve it.

but yeah, also, make your own fantastic work and make it known. to not do so is letting 'the enemy' win.