If there was a mix up with applying the latest patch or using it with an old version, then unfortunately there's not much I can do to address the issues you might encounter. It wouldn't surprise me if the game is still playable, though.

I tried to reproduce the Battle Arena bug fighting through the Bridelveil region challenge, but encountered no issues. DynTag.dll is my own plugin that has an array of features not currently implemented in the game but still running in the background. I'd need technical specifics to take a closer look at why you received this error, such as the exact Bridelveil region battle out of the four possible, the handicaps you suffered from any previous battles during the challenge, and maybe even the party equipment.

Missing out on one Beherit isn't a big deal. You can always earn more from the Boss Rush at the Battle Arena after you've defeated all the story bosses. You can't use them until you recruit the Skull Knight NPC, and the rewards are rather overpowered.

Pixi will unlock 3 new message box designs for every additional Desert Rose you give her. Just keep purchasing them from the Battle Arena.


Ok, new patch with a few hotfixes for the recently encountered issues: download v3.34D here.

The issue can be bypassed by turning off Story Mode. I believe the problem was the event code didn't have time to finish executing before the battle began. This caused the message box from the map to still be active and attempting to close, while the battle system simultaneously wanted to call it as the Azoth battle initialized. All I did was add a forced frame wait to prevent the freeze.

The drill quest does not exist in the current version, and hasn't for some time. It shouldn't be possible to even enter the unexpanded Triangle Island base map anymore. If you're playing an old version, but applied the most recent patch, things are going to be very haywire. The other possibility is the patch wasn't applied correctly and files didn't end up in the right folders.

In previous versions, I think you had to talk to King Thoth of Incultus Regnum to get the drill sent, but only after getting him the Technology Magazine. Then you have to wait, maybe until after you get the airship, for the excavation of the base to be complete and gain access to the new area.

As for the Dragon Trial puzzles, they can get REALLY difficult. I still like the mechanics and ideas, but I think I went way overboard with the solutions. So I've made lots of images of the solutions in the past to help players. Here's links to pictures of the two hard rooms for the Gold Trial that it sounds like are giving you trouble:

After these puzzle rooms you have a few regular battles before the Gold Dragon boss. Let me know if you need some more help!

And thanks to both of you for the bug reports. I'll continue to address them, though I will be on hiatus most of January.


The Imp troop that you get around Bridelveil Castle has a bug which crashes the game. It happens if an imp goes to use the skill Desparation. Unfortunately when the game crashes I get that annoying pop up from Windows saying I need an overlay to run the game which obscures the actual error message.

I have the latest patch.

I was able to figure out this error. The new DynRPG based monster skill scaling was confused by skills (such as Desperation) that don't have a numerical effect rating. I'll correct this in the next mini-patch.

Before uploading a new patch, I want to take a closer look at the issue ivoryjones is experiencing. I've requested Google Drive permission to access the file you linked, ivoryjones.


Hey DJC! I've just started replaying Everlong and was wondering if there's a patch for this bug I've encountered. My team met up with Sammy's team on the airship and about to fight the arms-thing Azrael summoned - then the screen just stays like that. No choice, no battle.

The battlescreen gets stuck and the messagebox where you're supposed to choose attack/def/etc is gone.

I mean I guess I could skip this battle but it'd be annoying. Was there a patch for this already? Thanks!

I just did a quick test of this event sequence and couldn't reproduce the bug you described. The battle initiated and was playable. I don't see anything wrong with the event or battle code either.

If you haven't updated to the latest version, I would definitely suggest applying the patch in the downloads section and see if that fixes the issue. If it does not, I might need you to share your save file for further testing.


Hey! Any luck knowing if your new patch is broken? I m super curious lol

No bug reports for the currently available patch. I'm assuming there's no significant issues, but it's also possible there's a lack of new players testing.

If you're referring to any new work, I unfortunately haven't touched the project or RPG Maker in awhile.


Before anything, let me say that I LOVE this game. Recently started to re-play it after years, and this... This is just astounding.

One thing, though. I had been playing it in version 3.31, and now I want to update it to 3.32 and then apply the patch. Is there a way to keep the save files? If so, how?

Thanks for the great game.

Thanks for the kind words!

I always recommend updating to the latest version, which is actually 3.34 in the downloads section. Players will always encounter the fewest bugs and get the most features with the current version.

If you started playing a significantly older version, you can try to continue using the same save files (save01.lsd in your main Everlong folder), it's quite possible quests will break or you will have the wrong items in your inventory. If you were playing v3.31, that version is years old, and those save files probably won't work well if at all with the current version.


OH no! Look what bug is back! BG music stopped playing, then this:
The good news is because of the auto save, I closed out the game and re-opened it, the game continued working with background music again.
I recently came across another game where I am having the same bug issues as I had with this game. The game is called Laxius Power which was made on RPG maker 2000. (If anyone knows who I can contact for laxius power, please let me know) I suspect that this bug has to do with encounterment counters as both of the games "counts" how many times you encountered a battle. Also, both game keeps track of other game statistics. I hope this helps trying to solve this bug if you are still interested.

I think the crash is a bug with the Harmony.dll for audio processing, specifically certain midis that have controller changes. I remember the original Laxius Power games, French author if I recall, released around the same time as early versions of Everlong. If the game employs midi tracks, that would be my guess as to the crash source.

Every rm2k+3 project internally counts certain statistics like encounters, so I'm doubting that's the issue here.

I have absolutely no idea how to contact the Laxius Power author, or if he's still making games, though that'd be really cool if he is still active.


EDIT: For what it's worth, I think a puzzle in the Tomb of Khaer Magus may be broken? The one where you're supposed to assemble 5 white blocks to make a bridge, moving on horizontal and vertical lines, and there are also spikes and crystals. The upper-left block doesn't respond to any of the movers. Either it's broken, or I *really* don't understand the puzzle.

Sorry for taking so long to respond to this comment! Since it was an edit, it doesn't register as a new post under my account's notices when I check.

I think I've run into this error myself. Best guess is the game engine input handler and map event processor is just bugging out. If you leave the room, save, restart your computer and relaunch the game, then the puzzle controls should respond again.

I've even experienced all input controls becoming unresponsive during play. No hero movement, no menu access, nothing. Fairly annoying, but a reload always corrects the issue.

Everlong Review

Thank you for the excellent review! This is actually really great, because it's concise but detailed enough to give players a good idea about what type of game Everlong is, and the flaws and shortcomings that will have to be tolerated to enjoy it.

I absolutely agree the story is generic fantasy, and the game heavily utilizes typical JRPG design and tropes to chase the nostalgia of the SNES era. I'd say there's an overabundance of items and monsters, which has made rebalancing rather difficult, though tinkering with dynRPG has opened up some new possibilities. Many maps are downright embarrassing in their primitive design. To be fair, this project began with RPG Maker 2000, and parallax mapping wasn't much of a thing back then. Making the game more player friendly has always been a prominent goal, and I've had some great suggestions over the years that I implemented, such as Story Mode. I'm always open to new ideas on how to improve Everlong and make it more fun to play!


There's something very wrong with the Expirius battle in Atlantis.
Every time I reduce him to 0 HP, he instantly revives with 1HP.

It doesn't seem to matter how fast or how slow I beat him. I tried refraining from using Keen's throwing weapons (which seem to mess with death scripts); tried setting the scaling so I kill him on the first attack; tried with different party members; tried not buffing myself or debuffing him; tried allowing myself to lose; tried sitting there defending for 15 minutes; tried going back to see if the legendary equipment was ready in case it was somehow needed.

Absolutely nothing worked - he just keeps instantly reviving with 1HP.

Any ideas?

Thanks for finding and reporting this bug! There was a missing event call in the Atlantis Expirius battle. What's supposed to happen for all bosses with a special death animation is they automatically revive with 1 HP to prevent the battle from immediately ending, then trigger the defeat sequence. This partly an oversight on my part, but I think it's also the result of removing a plugin that automatically triggered the necessary switch after every battle turn, but stopped working for unknown reasons.

To remedy the situation for you, I've placed an updated patch on the downloads page. All players can get it here.

Thanks again so much for letting me know about this issue, and I apologize for the frustration at a climactic battle in the story. I'm glad there's still players checking the current version out and helping to eliminate bad errors like this.

I had not touched the Everlong project for awhile until today, despite some previous plans and substantial tinkering with plugins, but now I'm feeling a little motivated if there's still player interest.