Recently Watched Movies

Ice Road Truckers (2021)
Interstellar (2014)
Prisoners of the Sun (2013)

Carpentry Story

Amazing Demo!
As a fan of Minecraft, I enjoyed the concept
of creating furniture out of solid wood.
Trees take decades to regenerate.
108 days elapsed.


Zelda series - Would I like them?

Consoles & Favourite Games

N64: Turok 1,2 + Ocarina

Tell me what anime to watch and why

Based on Duel Monsters, a fictional Japanese card game.
There are 5 Seasons in total.
So many interesting characters appear throughout the series.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Exploration of the vast kingdom of Hyrule featured many hours
of climbing, gliding, and riding as the game was open and nonlinear
except during the intro quests. (50-100 hrs in master mode.)
Breath of the Wild 2 can improve upon it's predecessor in the following ways:
1. Link's ability to swim underwater as in Twilight princess.
2. Increase the Durability of weapons by a factor of 10 or 100.
3. Upgrade and/or craft new weapons.
4. Accessible Dungeons and Temples in addition to shrines and divine beasts.

New Super Luigi Adventures (V2.7) Review

Thanks for playing this 2018 episode. XD
I can address the aforementioned bugs through adequate play-testing and
better design choices using the current engine.
Consistency with power-ups from one level to the next.
W5 and W6 levels could have fewer backgrounds in their folders.


Heres a recoloring of the same character depicted.
I have no idea how do draw anime from scratch.
Jayden or Jaden is the name of a character with brown hair
from Yu-gi-oh.

Educational games?

SNES: Mario is Missing. It features the trans-America pyramid.
I also played Math-blaster pc version.