Sneks and Demons
Maze runner 8-bit arcade game with social high scores.



[Poll] Do you think RM2K/3 will ever die off completely?

I skipped 2K3 and went straight from 2K to XP. XP will last forever, 2K3 probably will as a niche but not as a legitimate tool.

(I, on the otherhand, shall always be a legitimate tool)

The Top RM Games Of All Time

It's amazing how many MASSIVE GAMES never spread between sites. There's so much to be discovered :o I've never heard of most of the first post to be honest.

How the Heck do you Design a Town?

Consider what a town is.

It is either:

1. A meeting place for local hamlet dwellers with a legal market
2. A roadside dwelling offering services to passing travelers
3. An amalgamation of existing small dwellings

Use that as a basis to design your town.

In option 1, you will have a market place as the centre. There will probably be services for that market place: a tavern, etc. Some sort of authority, maybe large enough for a town hall (but probably not).

In option 2 your town will be linear (unless it's a crossroads) with most shops facing the road. Dwellings will be down alleyways off this, so as to maximise the frontage space.

In option 3 you just have a clusterfuck of buildings with no real centre. It's bad town planning, and you'll end up with a bad town, but one designed to be badly designed, if that makes sense.

The Top RM Games Of All Time

I haven't put much thought into this and am going by poor memory.

1. Menagerie (VXA)
2. Castle Chase (VX)
3. Cell Chamber (XP)
4. Spinel's Core (XP)
5. Ahriman's Prophecy (2K)
6. Dungeons (XP)
7. The Legacy of Zalgoth (XP)
8. Crepusculum (XP)
9. Utopian Chaos (XP)
10. Akasha Seal (XP)

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I'm mawk and so is my wife.

Dyed my hair blond. That is all.

I read your name as Aryan Game Maker and am now wondering if you have blue contacts.

Brace yourselves, the RMN Storefront is coming

RMN Stormfront*

Also this is cool / a thing. May more things come in the future.

Post an insane lie about the person above you

UPRC is currently being investigated by Operation Yewtree.

Is RNG good or bad?

Yes, randomness should NEVER have a negative impact.

I remember one of the Final Fantasies had a monster which could, at a very slim chance, cast a spell which instantly killed all your characters, giving you Game Over. How fun!

Rpg Maker XP for 18 bucks on Steam

There is a HUGE RMXP community around the web, probably moreso than VX Ace.