Sneks and Demons
Maze runner 8-bit arcade game with social high scores.



Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

That's the idea, but I'm having trouble finding any that are about to start; I'm kinda relying on people to let me know they're starting them.

Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

Speaking of that, feel free to feature any of my reviews in this magazine. One gem that I discovered recently was SnowOwl's Reap and Sow. It is currently in development and kind of goes under the radar. Here's my review.
Thank you so much for that - it'll really help.

This is very nice! Although it may be nice to find a ranking of "active" members in your ranking list. I'm pretty sure that even though RRR has had 106k members in the past, now it's not as active. At least it was like that the last time that I been there. Dramas happened, people left, etc.
Unfortunately nowhere really publishes that kind of figure well, except maybe RMNet.

I too enjoyed the tips and tricks section - I think smaller bits like that can be popular (the idea of pointing out errors/bugs or anecdotes is nice). How about character spotlights? Just small bits to fill in parts. And also, once you get more people into reading, how about a 'puzzle' or challenge thing? Encourage a bit of interaction. Set a small challenge like 'make a map of x', 'code a thing' or something and then pick a winner to show a few weeks later. Just an idea.
That sounds a neat idea. I worry about what to do if there are no submissions, but I guess that's just me being negative. I'll work something like that in.

...it needs a serious makeover, i.e, better page design.
Probably. I'm not a brilliant graphics wizard. I like to think I'm improving from the first issue of HBG but I know it's not quite there yet.

(I know the HBgames zine was criticized earlier for having in-jokes and jabs but honestly I have no problem with in-jokes so long as they're easy enough to get in on, and not tied to a particular forum or whatever)
I think once it's established and there's a good following, in-jokes and such will sort of flow naturally, especially if more regular writers get on board. I'm happy with it being a bit casual so long as it's not too much either way.

Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

Ouch, error, given they only have 725!

Thanks for the comments guys. And yeah, sorry for how short the articles are, I've had that comment a lot and think I will go for less articles, but more in-depth, in future.

Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

Hi guys, issue 1 is out now. I excitedly anticipate your hate mail / frownfaces.

Comments so far range from "wow this is super useful great tutorials A++++" to "I don't get this".

Issue 1 - April 2014

Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

I wasn't aware of jabs at 2k. I still even use the program.

How is it that I can find the password email to an MMO I don't even play anymore, yet I can't find the product key info for RPG Maker XP? x_x

I went through this and contacting support so many times eventually I just pirated it. Bloody DRM. I bought it, I own it, it should be simple.

Fetching imgur album?

The trouble with screenshots being outsourced like that (even for just a few people) is the potential for things to be lost over time. You can see it at older sites that don't host screenshots themselves but have users use imageshack, photobucket, etc. If Imgur goes down at any point in the next 10 years (feasible) all is lost (and that is a legitimate time frame to look at in these things).

[Poll] Is Piracy Ethical?

Filesharing more serious than murder

what country are you even in :/

Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

I should probably point out that the HB ezine only really serves a good example of the layout and format, ARPGM would certainly be far more professional and formal. None of the in-jokes, attempts at humour, etc. The HB zine serves mostly as a replacement for This Week on .ORG if you ever saw it - just a roundup of things that have been going on and personal, first-person, friendly and assuming it's audience is members of .org.

ARPGM would be a lot more serious production, which is mainly why I want as many people as possible involved.

Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

Guys have a sneak preview RMNET EXCLUSIVE BECAUSE I'M RATHER DRUNK RIGHT NOW of issue 1. It will be longer than 15 pages. Bare/bear in mind this is a day's work so.