Sneks and Demons
Maze runner 8-bit arcade game with social high scores.



Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

A day early, sorry.

Issue 2 - May 2014

Every day I'm souffleing

They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!

Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

Issue 2 is almost ready (6.5 pages left to go, with 4.5 of those planned out ready to write, just need to find content to promote in the other two pages - one a full page, one a columned page for small pieces). Let me know if there is ANYTHING you want me to promote or feature - contests in particular.

ASD Unscientific Bigotry

The "myth of autism" is like the "myth of depression", it's easy for someone outside of it to sit there and think "hey, I feel down sometimes too! Everyone must have depression! Pull yourself together, I deal with it OK."

Where is the Rpgmaker

Yo Mamma would have been more witty, if that still exists.

Where is the Rpgmaker

You are the RPG maker. It was you all along! You just needed to believe in yourself.

Better site tagline.

RPG Maker 2003 Question of Legalities

Hmm. RPG Maker 2000 is now listed as "out of stock" on Enterbrain's Japanese website. You can buy it from a third-party vendor like Amazon though. Just need to find one who's selling it. (Good luck?)

However, Enterbrain is run by humans who make a living selling software, not terms-of-service-enforcement lawbots. I have a feeling that if you emailed them and were like "Hey I want to buy the old version of this software instead of stealing it like everyone else does, and then I want to use it in exactly the same way you're letting people use the newer versions" they'd be like "Cool, send us money."

You'd think, but they really don't give a shit. Just like if you offer to pay to use their graphics in other engines.

Accepting Criticism

In these days of scripting and such a text speed option could easily be put in the menu.

Accepting Criticism

There's useful criticism, which is great, but then there's a particular RPG Maker brand of criticism by people with an apparent lack or empathy or social skills who make no room for feelings and push for everything to be improved at all costs. Tbh if we listened to such people all the time we'd never get anything finished, it's one thing being a perfectionist oneself without having to deal with others. There's a place for criticism and there's a place for "actually that's OK, I like that".

Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

That's the idea, but I'm having trouble finding any that are about to start; I'm kinda relying on people to let me know they're starting them.