Sneks and Demons
Maze runner 8-bit arcade game with social high scores.



Community, I need your help with a name :)


It's maori for something.

I find it funny when people complain about bill collectors.

My main issue is when it goes wrong. And it will. Even if it's only for a few people, having a debt collector on your back when you actually are completely innocent and don't know how the hell to deal with it is scary and generally Not a Nice Thing. Granted my experience is solely on second hand anecdotes and shit on TV, but they don't seem particularly open to discussion, and you NEED TO BE OPEN TO DISCUSSION with serious things like debt collection. Or not you, but they.

Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

What's this? What's this?

Advanced RPG Maker is an eZine. Forget what you know about eZines (because erm, it's probably not like any eZine you've read, as it's a silly contrived form of eZine only really for fun and looking-nice purposes).

In short, it's a faux magazine, hosted on the Internet, available in PNG and PDF formats. It is a sister project to the HBGames.org eZine, and uses the same format.

What's in it? What's in it?

News, reviews, tutorials, interviews and other articles about RPG Maker and the RPG Maker community.

Who's in it? Who's in it?

So far I have had a good response from the RPG Maker Web forums, and HBGames, with members from both saying they'll submit content for it or would love to read it.

When's it? When's it?

The first issue is due a month from now (the reasoning being that if it's to be monthly, which it will be, I need to know we can make this in a month).

The HBGames.org eZine currently runs monthly but has suffered in the past from lengthy haituses, mainly due to lack of submitted content. There have been four issues in the past four months though of reasonable length and quality.

Why's it here? Why's it here?

I want to know if you, RMN, are interested in being a part of it.

Far from being an advert for HBGames, I want this to be inclusive of the entire online RPG Maker community. We have the blessing of web for it to be promoted there, but I'd like this to highlight the good in all the online communities.

How long's it? How long's it?

That depends entirely on how many people submit content for it. I am aiming for 15 pages assuming nobody submits anything; if they do then it will be at least 20 pages. From there, I will decide what should be kept for issue 2 and what should go into issue 1, so it will probably stay at around 20 pages in length.

Where's it? Where's it?

It's not out yet. But have a mockup.

Full size image: http://i.imgur.com/H3LPOov.png

Thumbnail that will be used in the directory:

Please note this is NOT the cover that will be used, it is just an example issue.

So. So.

I want to know if you're interested in this idea! It'll go ahead anyway, but it'd be great to have a big name like RMN on board, even if it's just an "oh, yeah, I'd probably flick through it once while on the loo".

How's it? How's it?

Here's an example, the HBGames eZine:

PNG: http://afar.ws/ezines/New/ezineissue15.png
PDF: http://afar.ws/ezines/ezine15.pdf

Here's the discussion thread on 'web:


Thanks for reading.

[Poll] Is Piracy Ethical?

This is assuming you would have actually bought the game if you didn't pirate it, though!

If you pirate it then you're likely to have possibly bought it at some point in the future. Perhaps in a sale, after saving up, as a gift from a friend, etc. There's a chance.

If you pirate it though... then you're definitely not going to buy it.

It's a tough one, but it's definitely reduced sales. Like people who use spotify over buying CDs.

[Poll] Is Piracy Ethical?

No, it's not.

Anybody who argues otherwise is intentionally Being a Dick.

No,it's not ethical,but if it wasn't for piracy
I wouldn't have 90% of the games that I have.
Well,technically,I did pay for them,
but to some random shop-guy...not legally...


If you have money,buy the original version.
Dude, if you're going to pirate, at least do it in a way that doesn't profit a loser. They have no right to that money. If they can't maintain a business ethically they don't deserve a business. Either pirate without a third party, or buy things legally, otherwise you're letting criminals make a profit off other people's work, that they thoroughly don't deserve.

You know that sinking feeling when your favorite team isn’t doing very well in the standings but you still hold out false hope that everything will be okay in the end for them but it actually isn’t

Go reds! Or possibly blues! Or whatever other teams are available!

is officially a failure. Fancy making a game in a couple of hours and submitting it to the hbg contest? Highly likely to win. I extended the deadline to 23:59 in the last timezone just in case that's why nobody's submitting, so you have like 14 hours.

In the end we've had three submissions, so by default they win the three prize categories.

I have purchased another key and have a key for Multimedia Fusion, too, so will be running a better thought out contest later in the year, hopefully one that's easier to enter and more inclusive.


Until we can wrap games in it so as to distribute them as one package on app stores it's not much use.

I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

I guess it says more about fashion than character design, but that belt doesn't even have anything to hold up, and is doing a pretty bad job of holding her top together if that's what it's for.

I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

Basically, my opinion:

1. There is nothing inherently wrong with sex, or sexy outfits.
2. There IS something wrong with a character immediately getting a sexy outfit at odds with their normal outfit just because they changed genders.
7. There IS something wrong with the sexiness of outfits in a game being determined by gender.
4. If all the men in your game dress normally or blandly, or in heavy armour, but all the women dress in bikinis, you are doing something wrong.
5. "Wrong" is subjective, "sexiness" even moreso, but to say that just because it's a free world we can do what we like misses the point, and comes under Being a Dick. Don't be a dick.
4. FFVIII wouldn't really have worked if Squall was a girl, because the game was quite specifically (and, yes, sexistly, in a way) setting out to portray men and women in a certain way. Because the game is geared around gender, changing Squall's gender would have changed his role in the game, and it wouldn't really have worked.
9. An FFVIII with every gender role switched could potentially be awesome.