Sneks and Demons
Maze runner 8-bit arcade game with social high scores.



Sneks and Demons

Show, Don't Tell

Leitmotif are the big one for me and it's one of the reasons I love the rmxp soundtrack so much. Theme03 and theme04 are variations on a theme (uh, pun intended a little). One can be used as the title theme (04), while the sadder, slow 03 can be used mid-game as a harsh contrast for when things need to get heavy. There are other borrowed motifs throughout that soundtrack.

Is there a website that was loads of web embedded rpg games

Itch.io is probably your best bet.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Who doesn't like spawnable fires?

Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

Half way to issue 6 - does anybody have anything to add? Even just a one line idea is good enough. Things you'd like to see, contests or other interesting events going on, games that have got missed, etc.

[Poll] A quick question about ads and RMN


[Poll] A quick question about ads and RMN

gamingw isn't dead. saltw is one of the most Important Sites on the Internet.

[Poll] A quick question about ads and RMN

I am not using an adblocker persay, but I use noscript, because no site should ever be allowed to just run javascript on a computer willy nilly. Now, that means I don't see any ads - I have enabled it for RMNet now so I do.

Possibly get some ads that aren't Javascript based, and put them in noscript tags, so that people without Javascript still get ads?

no just no, if this site has to keep asking me for money when sites that are almost dead NEVER have then there is something wrong, just ask RPG maker VX Ace how they stay up, I never notice ads on them

RMNet is much busier than VXAce .net. Considerably moreso. It has a much more resource intensive core, too, what with it hosting games and shit.

HBGames meets its costs mainly from donations but I normally pay the monthly hosting fee and keep the rest as surplus for emergencies/contests. But again, it is a much less resource intensive site.

[General Design] What is the worst implemented/thought out system you've encountered?

The unlock system for levelling up was terrible in RuneScape. Of course it's not very relevant any longer since the game received so many updates since then, but it felt like they had no idea where they were going with it years ago. Many of the Skills used to stop having relevant unlocks around the levels 50-60.
Yeah. Even worse, while skills like Defense essentially stopped at level 60, other skills like Smithing were so drawn out that you need level 99 to create level 40 armour. Level 90 to 99 takes the same amount of exp as level 3 to 90, so it's a massive difference.

Guild Wars 2 has legendary weapons that were supposed to be the ultimate prestige item. But instead of having to go through harsh trials that put your skills to the limit you can simply buy them with ingame currency (get it instantly by converting real money into ingame currency). So legendary that they're bought and sold on the market.

I don't mind this so much as it's the reason GW2 has no monthly fees.

Concept: Advanced RPG Maker - an eZine

And Can I have a suggestion? I would love to see an article about 2D Fighter Maker.

Will do, cheers.