Sneks and Demons
Maze runner 8-bit arcade game with social high scores.




Sorry, gradually learning how to use this place!

RMN Pixel Quilt

Why are you all so universally good at pixel art? If this was anywhere else half the squares would be shite and the rest missing presumed dead.

Talking Time RPG Maker Contest 2014

Hi guys, would just like to confirm that entries for this will be accepted in [the HBGames contest] so long as you follow the guidelines; there's still just under a month left and every chance of winning, with some cool prizes going including RPG Maker VX Ace. Consider it a ~bridging~ exercise.

Statchi 2014 Olympics

Give it a while and the Awesomeness of Amy shall take over the stats list, as the Lord commanded it to be so.


Also, be careful of following the sample maps. That's not how the water tile actually works. There's another tile that allows you to create depth.

Oh shit, thanks, gotcha. Got some editing to do.


This is my first attempt at a river map in VX Ace, using the default autotiles (edited a bit). I'm not sure how it's worked out.

I messed up the tile edges a bit, not sure how, but will fix eventually.

I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

Squall's personality is just so... at odds with going around wearing just a bra and nothing on her legs. If anything, female-Squall would be likely to wear exactly what male Squall is wearing.

This is a game that had female characters in lead roles. From the start, Quistis is above Squall in both age and rank. She is the leader of the party (you're just controlling it because, playing Squall, it's easier). Then Rinoa commands things.

...and neither of them are particularly exploitative. Sure, Quistis has a whip, but she wears normal clothes, as does Rinoa.

That neckline. We'll never see such a neckline again.

Nice casual attire.

What if Squall was female you ask?

This is what she'd look like:

Ningyo Heart

Hi there Katie. I think you should try making games some time. You might enjoy it and the comments it brings.

Making my first RPG

Gam mak is neither noun nor adjective. It supercedes grammar. Gam mak is us. We are gam mak.

Good luck in your gam mak endeavour, son of gam mak. By gam mak's hammer, you shall be avenged.

My gam mak advice? Get something released as soon as possible. There's nothing more useful in your gam mak life than to have something out there and playable. Otherwise you get stuck in a world of vaporware and never releasing anything. Enter contests, get stuff out there, and then...


[Poll] Do you think RM2K/3 will ever die off completely?

Ironically RM95 was released in 1997 :p but still, I would not expect games to suddenly be unplayable because the OS updated. Silly Microsoft.