Hey, what's up? My name is Feldschlacht IV, but a lot of people also call me Mog, so that's fine too. I like working on my game, and I also like downloading some of your games and giving them a spin as well. I'm also big on community related things to get all of us together for whatever reason. If you're sticking around here, you'll definitely see more of me in the future.

See you later!
Chronology of the Last E...
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Return of the Last Era

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I'm playing Monster Hunter and it's fucking like crack cocaine.

It's also very complex, and it's interesting seeing a game packed full of mechanics and complexity that a lot of people here (edit: including myself until now) would dismiss as 'too complex' for our games (and what some have been saying, games in general) is in what has become Capcom's fastest selling game in its history.

EDIT: this is not to say that every game should be like monster hunter, a well done simple game is great, quality comes first always
EDIT 2: this is also not to say that complex is good for complex sake. the fundamentals of making a good product still applies

Been a while. Here's a taste of what's cooking.

You read my mind Craze; those mirror a lot of the things that we were thinking with the HUD as well (particular things such as the font (specifically not the final font) and HP/MP bars), and some additional information and flair is going to be in the final product as well. Good eye!

Don't worry; the UI right now is very alpha!

Been a while. Here's a taste of what's cooking.

Keep in mind that this is a mockup (courtesy of JosephSeraph!) but its indicative of what GM is capable of. Actual footage will be coming shortly when everything comes together.

Without revealing any trade secrets you might not be comfortable with sharing, any suggestions how I might educate myself to get there?

Tutorials, practice, and you can always reverse engineer packs of systems from the official site. But tutorials are HUGELY helpful! Udemy has some really neat tutorials!

Been a while. Here's a taste of what's cooking.

It's not as 'ready-made' as RPG Maker is, but I wouldn't say it's a lot harder to use. You do have to learn some code, but when the program touts that you can 'make a game really quickly!' it's not kidding; the code is easy enough to wrap your head around that you really can whip something up in short order.

It goes without saying that GM is orders of magnitude more powerful and customizable than RM though. As you guys will soon see in the future, the difference between Chronology on RM and Chronology on GM is absolutely unreal.

Not bagging on RM though; it's a great program and I wouldn't be here today without it!

Been a while. Here's a taste of what's cooking.

Looking super good! Did you change game engines or was it always that?

It's GM (Game Maker) now!

Crafting in Games

I agree that it's not a fun way to play the game, but it is an easy and fast one. It's a good example of the principle of the burden of optimal play, in which the easiest, most reliable, and most efficient way to play a game is also the least fun, and is usually an indication of poor design. I honestly think the game would be better with Quen removed, because it trivialized the combat so much that I never felt the need to learn any other mechanic.

And yeah, you could say it's my fault for relying on it, but it's the game's fault for not balancing it. I feel that it is a game designer's responsibility to force you to have fun, and to aggressively prune ways that undermine that goal.

My final words on it; you're not grasping the spirit of what I'm saying. You can't just start up the game intuitively use Quen and just coast from there. The argument of 'Quen ruins everything' is really only applicable from the purest, most mechanical way to play the game and is not going to be how 99% of players approach it.

You really have to try to get Quen to carry the game for you. You're not arguing this from an overall holistic standpoint, but a .01% turbonerd standpoint. It's not really a comprehensive argument.

Crafting in Games

Sailerius is criminally wrong in almost literally everything he says but he's right about that; Quen is a fucking monster, and is, compared to everything else, the most amazing thing since sliced bread.

However, true to form of being wrong about shit, I'd say you're wrong in the application of how Quen is the best ability; this is assuming you do nothing but pump all of your points into Quen and only Quen, and it does take a while for Quen to get the abilities it does; you don't start the game off with it being able to absorb and reflect damage and taking multiple hits.

So technically yes, you can cheese through the entire game with Quen. In practice, however, it takes time and deliberate work on your end for you to do that, ignoring the multitude of easier, more fun, and more accessible ways to play through the game, and if you do power through the game with Quen at the expense of everything else that's your own damn fault.

Crafting in Games

Also, Quen doesn't really help much in a lot of battles. It's okay, but it's not the be-all, end-all of ability choices, even when fully maxed.

Oddly enough I do have to disagree there; Sal is right in that it's easily, easily the most powerful ability in the game, but I disagreed with him on several other points.

Crafting in Games

Definitely disagree with your example; Quen is flawed, and if you want to play the game like that, that's on you.

I agree that you shouldn't be able to cheese the whole game like that, but it's definitely NOT easy and it's definitely NOT fun. You pretty much have to go out of your way to only rely on Quen/attack and nothing else the further you get into builds it's actually more fun and easier to cheese through the game in...like two dozen other ways.

but hey you do you