Homework Salesman

Eagen is cute. I read his bio and I just want to protect him, teach him, and love him? He's satisfied with a simple life but I want to nurture his potential and have him grow up to be an important person. ...And also date him. He can be my Star Stealing Prince, hehe~ I also find it funny that he lets you loot his wardrobe on a daily basis a few times.

Daggers seem to be the best weapon for Eagen due to his higher agility/luck stats. I tried having him use Dancing Blade but it just doesn't compare. Probably on account of Double Strike being the only skill I could use for a long time (Cause it's the only skill I had; damn random skill trainers that didn't show up til Day 9) so it got leveled up 3 times. Daggers are best for bosses but Bowling Bash (Sword) is still supreme for killing monster parties. Flare is also amazing for wiping out 3-4 enemies since most of them are weak to fire if you look at the monster bestiary (library in menu). Ankaba needs only one cast to kill (after boosting with her Concentrate) so I'd advise teaching Flare to her first if possible. You can get one Dual Flames tome from the Alchemist/Enchanter house if you search the upstairs wardrobe. I taught it to Renait so she'd have a stronger spell than Lavastrike until I could afford to get Flare for her.

I got my Merchant (Profession) Level to 2 and now my buddy, Gunsqueak is paying me 25% more money for everything I sell him. Monster drops are really racking in money on the third floor and down.

Found some Large Eggs. You can get 1-2 of them in a loot bag on the ground but only in that one section of Runelea Plains where EvilEagles are flying around. Oh, and loot bags on the 4th floor of the Colorous cave too. I can make Lucky Sashimi with them but I think I'll save them in case they're ingredients for the other stat foods whose recipes I don't have yet. Besides the HP Curry and MP Omelet, Luck I think is a low priority stat. I'd prefer assurance of damage increase/reduction over a slight increased chance to do a critical hit.

Hired the Maid that the Weekly Salesman provides. Pricy but she can craft you an item for free once per day. Though it'll take a while before she levels up enough to make better stuff. 14 Ironplates is 500 gold each (with Gunsqueak's sell boost) so she can pay you back 7k of the 10k you paid for her by the time she levels up her Crafting once. Though it's random what she gives you so it's a good idea to auto-save in front of her and reload til you get what you want.

Berserker Potion is a Recipe you can get from Red Recipe Books (which are dropped semi-frequently by floor 3 Colorous monsters so you'll eventually get all the Red recipes). It doubles your exp gained from crafting for one whole day. Ideally you should use it at a profession you're level 10 or higher at. And make sure you have bought the Hot Springs Deed from the Weekly Salesman to get an additional 100 AP to work with per day. Cooking and Blacksmithing are easy since they have many recipes spaced out for leveling. But Tailoring, Alchemy, and Enchanting are harder to grind. Enchanting in particular is expensive in both AP cost and spending cost to level because the recipes are spaced at ten level gaps. And since you get less exp for making a recipe lower level than your Profession level... Yeah, eventually it'll start giving like only 10 exp each (with Berserker potion active) so you need to make 10 (use 100 AP) just to level up.

Bertram is a pretty nice younger brother since he's the one who cooks for the family. His semi-daily quest gives you his lunch that he cooked so he must have at least level 20 cooking. Although I feel like you should get like 50 friendship pts with him after you
save him from Raimur since you were thus unable to gift him Greic Leaves +5 on all the days of his captivity. By the way, I love how even the random NPCs in the Inn/Blacksmith store/Adventurers' Guild first room have things to say about Bertram being kidnapped. It's a neat, extra touch

Linus on the other hand is rude and lazy. In his bio, it says he has no intention of continuing being a blacksmith's apprentice. I feel bad that a hard worker like Sally has to deal with him as a sibling.

Liffeny is also a rude person too. Saying that Bertram deserved
being kidnapped.
So hostile. Qwilite is much nicer and her lime pie is tastier too so Ice Queen Liffety can suck on that.

Connie is a cool, tough mom. She has some interesting comments since she can be found shopping at the inn/blacksmith/general store on days she's not working. My favorite line is when she said that annoying emo dog is gonna eat her steel blade if she sees it again. XD

Okay, reached the fifth floor of Colorous Cave
The switches were kinda annoying. One switch deactivates spikes around another switch and then you have to run to/find that one to repeat the process til all of them are lowered.

I was expecting a difficult confrontation
But Captain Colorous just does moderate damaging physical attacks? I just focused all my damage on him and ignored his dragons who flee (and don't give you loot) after you kill him. I'm gonna redo it later though since I want their guaranteed gift box/elunium drops.

Also I tried fighting the boss of the special mission that Zathus gives you
Unlike Eilei and Raimur, Robert actually looks like a menacing Skull Demon... despite the object he's holding. Even with his eccentricity, the ominous music playing in this battle tells you that he's no joke. Not to mention succeeding where the other bosses failed and wiping my party out with double Meteor. Xebec only survived by having high HP but he got destroyed on the next turn after being doused by a water spell and then electrocuted. I think I'll need Luminous (Divine) enchanted weapons and Magic Evasion/reflection equipment if I want to survive his high DPS. Robert is definitely harder than Captain Colorous, that's for sure.

I did the special quest where you kill 100 Leprous Hares
and you only get an level 0 Speaknomore enchantment recipe out of it? I feel so cheated at much time it took to kill 100 when encounters usually have 1 or 2 and rarely 3. It could at least be higher level to help me level enchanting. I've got Drowned Lv2 which is a level 10 recipe and a huge gap between that and Repair level 35. Something level 20 would be very helpful.

New Artist BluMiu!

Seto Kousuke is that you?


I want to have Mirror Boy flirt with the twins and then they polish his mirror with lots of vigorous rubbing. It's... uhhh... a distraction method!


The sun rises, the sun sets; it's not really noteworthy to some people. To them it's just routine. But somehow, it's more beautiful and relaxing when you watch it with someone else. A peaceful moment where they can relax and forget about the troubles of the world for the time being.

I wonder what a stargazing version would look like...

Shadow Song

99 heroes, hmm? Even though I like variety, I think it would be difficult to make a unique skillset for that many characters.

With a name like Chronos, I think time skills will be part of his repertoire. Whether it be Haste/Slow/Pause, a delayed skill with a timer countdown before it "explodes", cooldown skills (can only be used every # turns; mimicking hours), DoTs & HoTs (maybe a skill that compresses multiple turns of poison damage all into one turn's worth?), a 'Hyper Beam'-type skill that either requires one turn to charge or leaves you vulnerable the turn after. Maybe even a skill that changes effect based on whether you use it on an even or odd number turn.

Battle Alchemist is a neat concept though I suppose it wouldn't be as good if placed in Shadow Song since you can make potions if you join the Alchemy Guild (not available in Demo). Elemental potions would be a good way for Clerics to deal dmg once you can brew them, assuming the Herbalist perk not only affects the healing potency of potions but also their damage.

The vampire? Zarina could have some blood spells that cost a % of her HP.

A class that can unlock multiple monster forms (shapeshifter?) would be interesting. Quite strategic since they would all have different elemental resists/skillsets.


Those pancakes look so plain and flat. The syrup drizzled on them looks like a coffee stain.


Reminds me of Etrian Odyssey's maps.

Shadow Song

Oh good. I am glad Sarhiri proved to be annoying. Ha ha ha.
Move snitch, get out the way. Get out the way snitch, get out the way. Also...
I came back to the starting town with Ser Charo to clear out the skeletons/ghosts I skipped over and Sarhiri is still walking around after I tanned her snake hide (wait, why didn't I make leather armor out of her skin?). O___O

Firestone does boost magic but only a little bit. The Firestone material is better for melee weapons.
Well, actually what I meant is that it doesn't have higher magic stat in comparison to other staves (bronze) available at that point. Neither does Silver Staff.

Fish says it recovers 1$ SP

Is the green chest in the Well supposed to be empty?

Xhola: Then I'll arrange for him to repay the towns people
townspeople is one word (end dialogue of Holy Water quest)

The uhh, confrontation theme that plays when you're trying to persuade someone keeps playing even after you win. This happens at the Pub in the Docks for the three NPCs you get info from.

After doing the 3 tasks given to you by the captain, talking to her triggers the event where a soldier will walk in and report. However, if you position your team in a 7 or L shape position when talking to her, the soldier will get blocked by the last person at the end of the "tail" and you will be unable to move because the event will never end. So I suppose you should make him turn right one space sooner.

Does the price of raising skills like Speechcraft increase when your characters are level 5? 'Cause after dealing with the Dock murderer, raising Picking Locks went from 88 to 100-ish. Also, Nature, which I neglected (lv 3), costed 100-ish to raise.

Do Silver weapons (Holy property) work on ghosts despite them being near-immune to physical attacks?

Increasing movement speed or allowing dash on the world travel map would be nice.

Managed to kill the Bandit Boss the first time (with some lucky 20s to the mooks from Ser Charo's spin attack) but redid it because a hostage died in the second part. The second try I killed the mooks and the boss was almost dead but apparently the battle is timed so I got cheated out of exp/gold for not finishing it. So I redid it again. I thought the Mercs were bad but these Bandits just love to Chain Whip stun you. So died a few times to being stun-locked or because they all decided to gang up on my squishy Mage instead of hitting the tanky Ser Charo who is outfitted in full silver.

Then I got to the second part again after finally beating the boss again. But a hostage died and I said screw it. Do I get anything significant for keeping them both alive? Kind of amusing that the male farmer has dialogue even if he's the one that got killed. When I go back to talk to either farmer, I expect them to be upset that their spouse died or hate me for being unable to save them but the woman just tells me 'good day'. Well okay then... Taking care of the crops is gonna be rough by herself but this is just a game so we don't think about the implications of how a widow will survive with their breadwinner dead.

Below the statue in Miramon, there's a red building that has an open ceiling and a wooden door visible (which made it stand out from other buildings). You can't enter, I take it?

Destroyed the Dark Circle in the Catacombs. Was that all there was to it?

Finished the demo. Look forward to future updates and new skills/feats. Maybe a Beast race too. Mage armor would be appreciated since mine can't wear anything but the Cloth Robes in the starting shop.

Oh, and putting how the Animal Rings alter HP/SP (Increases by % and decreases by%) in the description would be helpful. Though I've always believed that boosting Def is better than a minor increase in HP since Def reduces the damage taken overall. So the Pendant of Protection is a better investment.