Hallo, I make games.
I'm a mapper/writer and try to escape all other aspects of dev as much as I can.
My pastimes include consuming unhealthy amounts of manga, yaoi pr0n and begging people to work with me so I don't have to event or do gameplay.

Also expect HOARDS of typos from me. And rants. Much typoed rants.
In Search of Immortality
The Alchemy Guild sends an expedition to retrieve the Elixir of Immortality from the sage Tarneu's tomb.



3 Days to Go: Kent

"Anyone who spends a long time with him, however, might start to take that reassessment back... "


Looking forwards to see if he's the secret badass >D

4 Days to Go: Gabby

You know you are severely making me question which route I should go first for my LP. :<

6 Days to Go: April

PHSAW. Somoene who dislikes dragons only coz you get nibbled or chewed to death is not worth my attention, hmph

6 Days to Go: April

DISLIKES DRAGONS? Well someone is NOT my fave character already >I
The lack of a "like" button in this site frustrates me

We aren't going to make it

Oh man, I so know the feels of this. Good luck with your next activities/projects!

And an action was taken...

Holy crap I either didnt know or completely forgot about half this stuff. Man am I ever a bad friend :I
Still, nice infospread :D

Set the Setting Contest

Too bad for you decky, I'll STEAL ALL YOUR GLORY! >D

Rivalry aside, good luck >3


With or sans H, I've gotten used to both :I
It started out as Indra, but since thats an acutal indu god (somehting I found out much later) that tends to get taken on certain media (like MMOS) so I added the H. But then people got used to seeing me around with an H and wrote that even when I was Indra without an H.

Same happened with the IRC from the RM sites. Indra was taken, Indrah stuck, I was more talktive in IRC than the forum, the H started comign my way despite not actually wearing one in the forums...Now in here, vxnet and acenet I don't wear an H, and in the official forum I simply gave up and wore the H.

So, in short, call me whatever, I've given up correcting people and it's a mute letter in any case XD I respond to both.

*Rant in other people's game blogs finished*


I...I'm sorry, it took me a while to unglue my eyes from the wonderful horned and pierced hunk of a delicious ahaghsghshaghsh *chokes on drool*

Anyways, glad you're moving along smoothly (well, as smoothly as possible I guess?) have my most sincere encouragement! (I would have phrased it differenlty, but it would have probably evolved into filthy language describing male chikens rubbing together in wonderful fashion...)

Here goes!

\; ;/ We're here for you, Archeia! Don't worry about the dates and just do what needs done >,<
So long as PP is finished at some point, some delay or a different sample game makes no difference :3
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