Square graphic artist Manabu Daishama found dead

Died scuba-diving July 30 at age 45.

Among the classics, he did background graphics on SNES games FF4, Mana, Romancing SaGa and Chrono Trigger.


We need to talk about the fan games here after what happened to the Metroid 2 Project

Tonight, I was pretty upset with Nintendo, and officially I'm no longer a fan.

But worries me is the authors on here that one day could get targeted who have done fan games themselves. How should we go about this? I don't want to you guys get in trouble for just loving a franchise. Also the Nintendo Power archives are gone too.

I know we have a few authors here who are doing some mega projects for certain franchises, and I'm afraid one of these days something might happen.

Funniest scenes you've seen in a RMN game?

I don't remember what the game is called anymore because this was YEARS AGO.

There was this segment where you go to a game-show, and you ended up being a contestant, and the NPCs you played against said some of the most hilarious lines I've seen in a RMN game. I remember I laughed so hard that my sides couldn't handle the giggles.

Any scene from a RMN game that had you cracking up?

Finding a way to stop music tracks from playing back at the beginning.

I've noticed this problem for many years. I always kind of hated it when after you get out of battle that the music environment track will go back to the beginning instead of continuing. RPG Maker 2000 did this, RPG Maker 2003 also did this, but I cannot speak for the newer ones since I only played very few games for those.

Is there any patch or tool currently that remedy this problem once, and for all?

Should Enterbrain release the graphic packs from the console versions?

RPG Maker from the PS1, and there was the very little known one from the Super Nintendo called RPG Maker 2 with it's own set of graphics. (Unless it already exists)

I think it would revitalize the community in some ways.

Baldur's Gate Siege of Dragonspear Controversy


This article is pretty misleading...I got a more of a better perspective over at the BG forums.

The monster list from Myths

The Darkside of Cocoa

The Japanese Justice System


This is a rare inside look into their justice system. It sounds like it can get pretty corrupt. I'm actually not a big fan of VOX, but sometimes they post something worthwhile.

Can the new RPG2003 RTP run the older games?

Or will the older games still need the Old 2003 rtp to run them?

Nevermind. I can see the old versions are no longer available because of certain issues. I'm going to assume the new version can still run the older games. Think it might confuse people there are two versions listed with just a slight name change, but ultimately do the same thing as advertised. Unless this is for folks that need to know the difference just to make sure if something in the old version will clash with something in the new version, and make the needed changes.

Edit II:
Okay this is going to sound really silly because for all these years I assumed you needed the engine to run any RPG game. Apparently you don't need the engine to run them. Just download the game, and play it! All these years I thought you needed the engine along with it's assets! I can't believe I'm just now noticing that. I feel dumb. Really dumb! hahahaha