Monster encounters that make sense.

I notice this has always been a issue to me in alot of rpg maker games, and even outside of it. Why would Monster A cooperate with Monster B and be in the same encounter group? There is a lack of logic when it comes to this.

You're in a dank cave, and you run into a encounter. A wild wolf appears along with a slime. Do they have some form of relationship in order to attack the player? Honestly it would not make sense because slimes are mindless eaters while the wolf might have some form of intelligence, but the two would be opposed to eachother for obvious reasons. Let's take it even further, why would both different type of species live in the same cave with eachother? There would be a mutual hostility toward both groups. Maybe I really should let it slide, but there needs to be common sense for monster encounters.

Now when it comes to encounters on the world map, that really isn't a issue because you're traveling, and you could encounter anything out there. (But some common sense is needed).

Now let's rework the dank cave:
Now slimes usually like dark, and damp places (well depending how you want to twist it), and thus the cave would mostly have slime-like monsters, but maybe a few other encounters like a large bat, but they would not really be grouped together in a encounter as they would not be friendly with eachother. Wolves would be excluded because they have common sense to not be in a cave with carnivorous slimes while bats don't have the intelligence to know the present danger in the area, thus become a eco-system of sorts, but the wolf would know better because of better intelligence and thus not be present in that cave. We could work this further, and put ruins that were deep inside the cave,but not damp for slimes to live in (unless you want to make ruins just as damp as the rest of the cave). What you would mostly find in the ruins could be anything, magical guardians, golems, demons,etc that rule that part of the cave, and keep anything else out.

To further a example of the dank cave:
Area A:
Slime-infested, mostly likely to encounter slimes more often than bats
Area B:
There is a huge water source in the cave, some slimes are present, but you could put some kind of aquatic creature specifically for this area. Bats are still present.
Area C:
The further deep you go it becomes less damp, thus less slimes, but more bats, and the absence of the aquatic monsters from the last floor.
Area D:
The ruins appear, the slimes are mostly gone at this point, but the bats are still present. You enter the ruins, and you find it protected by magical golems, and other machinations from the creators of old or it can be anything else to your liking as long you think it out.

Another thing you can't have so many different type of monsters in one place unless there is a special reason for it (like the final dungeon to a game or for plot purposes).

That is basically my explanation. All in all this is only my opinion, but I hope people take the time to put common sense in monster encounters. Alot of considerations need to be thought of before putting said monster into a dungeon.

This also means you need to brush up on myths/animals/cryptids/legends/etc to where most of these creatures came form, and why they are the way they are. This not only helps you in knowledge, but helps your RPG game.

I think my days in DnD has kind of made me into a Monster Nazi in a way..though ironically DnD has pretty much ruined itself over the years because of too many bad ideas spoiling the soup. Ever heard of a Vampire-Unicorn? WUT?

Now I do understand some RPG maker monsters are not derived from anything other than creativeness, but always keep in mind of common sense, and what makes your monster the way it is.

Metal Gear fan Remake is on the way (Has been approved by Konami!)

Yeah I'm surprised too, I never thought Konami would actually approve it:


It's going to be awesome!

Trying to get a npc to come up from the ground (smbx)

Basically I want this leever to come up from the sand, but I don't know how to go about that in SMBX. What steps will I need to take for the leevers to pop from the sand?

Making a npc walking on ceilings, and walls. (SMBX)

I was trying to get this lowder from Zelda-II to walk on the ceilings, and walls, but it will not produce the correction animation, but instead use it's left or right default sprite.

The sprite-sheets:

I'm trying to replace npc-207(that little red-shell guy with one-spike ontop of it's shell) as a lowder. So far I'm only been half-successful with only it's default left/right animation when it's on the ground, but will not flip to climb walls or ceilings.

Should there be a annual-RMN parody game?

Meaning we are the stars, and we all make inside-jokes about RMN.net.

Like for example, game-scene:
Kentona: THE A IS FOR ANDERSON!!!! YOU FOOL!!!!!!!!!! WTF BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! (goes out in a blaze of glory with a giant smokey A floating in the air).
The main character: o_O!!? That escalated quickly!

It does not have to limit to just us, we can bring the characters from various RMN games into one giant parody game. I think it would be a incredibly mindless fun community game I think everybody would love to jump into.

It can be both or either or. Just a fun idea I was thinking about today. The main villain can be something utterly ridiculous to the point of beyond comprehension, and has a wacky, and hilariously diabolical plan for all of RMN. I was thinking of a running gag mario character called Dr.Toadly can be the villain.(I think he was a running gag as I've seen that character so many times mentioned, and I saw him a SMBX game once in a factory level).

Nayru's Sapphire (or Zoras)

Deleted...just delete this topic.

There is a new version of Smbx.


I guess this would be version 3.1 as opposed to 3.0 which I think we have.

Changes for

-The button icons for various items no longer use GBA palettes.
-SMB2 Grass slopes have been fixed.
-SMB3 Wood slopes have been fixed.
-SMW Castle tiles have been fixed.
-New SMB3 sizables have been added.
-New SMW sizables have been added.
-Graphics with the GBA version palette now use the SNES palette like the rest of the graphics in the game.
-Various other graphical fixes.

-Tanooki Mario is no longer missing a row of pixels on top.
-Toad now uses the sprite from SMB2 for the SNES. (He has more spots on his hat.)

Main Game
-New Princess Cliche has been added as a default episode.
-Two new battle stages have been added.
-There's a new intro level.

-All music now has increased quality.

-All sounds now have increased quality.

I think this would help not only me, but the others working on the Zelda Event, and also anything mario related. The music quality increase is what caught my eye.

I'm about to lose my mind with this damn instant warp in SMBX

No matter what I do, I cannot make the character stop teleporting back and forth if he is standing on top of the instant warp box. It's getting pretty close to the deadline for the zelda event, and I cannot seem to fix this.

I tried every combination of left/right warp moving on the warp tab box. Nothing seems to be working! If I just make one instant warp box, he will only go to that area, but not back again. If I make another instant warp on top of that warp box he will just get teleported back and forth from the two areas.

I feel like I'm going to have to be forced to make a awkward warp by making link appear one step ahead of the new area which doesn't make a good game design honestly.

What has set the bar for you concerning RMN villains?

I just finished the Legacy episodes Demon, and Phantom. I got to say Nightblade's villain Shadar really surprised me at every turn. If he ever gets into the video-game studio business I would definitely buy his games. >>

What RMN games have you all played that has a great villain?

Need help identifying this song

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