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Hey, the name's KrimsonKatt. I'm a indie game dev who makes RPGs. I'm also a catboi femboi, nyan! Anyways I have this whole series planned called "Chronicles of Chronicles" featuring over 50 projects in various different genres. I love playing video games, particularly platformers and RPGs, and my favorite series include Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, Hollow Knight, Pokemon, Persona/SMT, Castlevania, Undertale/Deltarune, Final Fantasy, Chrono, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Mega Man, Mario, Smash Bros, Drakengard/Nier, Mana, and Dragon Quest. I also like anime, manga, drawing, writing, comics, animated movies, marvel, music, etc. In other words, I'm a complete nerd. I'm also a waifu fanatic, my favorites being Pyra, Mythra, and Nia from Xenoblade 2, Mona from Genshin Impact, Pixie from SMT3 Nocturne, Ferris Argyle from Re:Zero, Astolfo from Fate;Apothryca, La Puchelle from Magical Girl Raising Project, 2B from Nier Automata, Rosa from Pokemon, Kirisu Makise and Mayuri Shiiha from Steins;Gate, and many more. My favorite anime is Steins;Gate, my favorite color is red, my favorite food is ribs, and my favorite drink is lemonade.

I have many games currently out and in the works. Here is a list of them:

Completed Games
-Chronicles of Light (RPG)
-Zero Gear Fighters (RPG)
-Dragon Ascension (RPG)
-Generic RPG Quest III (RPG)
-Meteo Chronicles (RPG)
-Crypt Challenge EX (Short RPG)
-Elzakalas: Beyond the End (Short Adventure Game)

Games in Development
-Meteo Chronicles R (RPG)
-Zero Gear Chronicles (RPG)
-Crypt Challenge DX (Short RPG)
-Mysteries of Feywild (Short RPG for Switch)

Planned Games
-Zero Gear Chronicles: Artifice of Absolution (RPG)
-Ebony Chronicles: Door of Destiny (RPG)
-Chronicles of Light Z (Meme Game RPG)
-Zero Gear Fighters Kai (Meme Game RPG)
-Super Dragon Ascension (Meme Game RPG)
-Elvengard Chronicles: Meteo Origin (RPG)
-Meteo Chronicles 2: Destiny of Darkness (RPG)
-Imprisoned Chronicles: Survival of Suffering (Survival RPG)
-ReUnion Chronicles: Azure Arrival/Vermillion Vestige (Adventure Game)
-Accursed Chronicles: What Lies Beneath (Short Survival Horror RPG)
-Darkling Chronicles: Invasion of Invocation (Short RPG)
-Legion Chronicles: The Bonds Beyond (Short Shump/RPG Hybrid)
-Chaos Chronicles: Beyond the End (Short Adventure RPG)
-Mega Man NEOS (Action Platformer)
-Firebrand Chronicles: Last Dragon's Elegy (Metroidvania ARPG)
-Genesis Chronicles: Beginning of the World (RTS/VN RPG Hybrid)
-Unreal Chronicles: Tactical Realms (TRPG)
-Boltman Chronicles Episodes I-VII (Episodic RPG)
-Jutara Chronicles Episodes I-IV (Episodic RPG)
-Revelation Chronicles: The Memory of Memes (Meme Game RPG)
-Convergence Chronicles: Destiny of Delusion (Meme Game RPG)
-Azure Chronicles: Supersonic Warriors (Episodic RPG)
-Azure Chronicles 2: Dark Days (Episodic RPG)
-Sakura Chronicles: Revolution of the Resolute (Metroidvania ARPG)
-Sakura Chronicles 2: Metamorphosis of the Material (Metroidvania ARPG)
-Countdown Chronicles: 33 Minutes Until Destruction (Action Platformer)
-The Faerie World (VR RPG)
-The Mermaid World (VR RPG)
-The End of Chronicles (Open World ARPG)

I hope you enjoy playing my games!
Lost Chronicles
A tale lost to the sands...



Meteo Chronicles Review

Hey, thanks for the review! I'm working on fixing the glitches, even though it will be very tough. In fact, I believe many of them you mentioned have been fixed already. I'm an absolutely terrible speller, and since I write the script and dialogue on the fly I tend to make a lot of mistakes, a lot of them simply due to be hitting the wrong key while typing and not noticing it later. My biggest regret in making this game is that it wasn't properly playtested, as I rushed the end because I was tired and burnt out from working on the game for 2.5 years and wanted to do other things. This is why the game is so buggy, I was burnt out and didn't want to spend 100+ hours playtesting everything again and again.

And for your story bit, I will have to interject. First of all, not every character is horny. Only Koros, Jeht, and to a lesser extent Zenith is. Stacy is completely pure and innocent (she doesn't know what sex is despite being 17) and Tayo is typical in terms of hornyness. That's only 2 or 3/5ths of the main cast.

And about the lore inconsistences, the only character that acts like he is in a videogame is ThiefMaster, who is heavily hinted at being a celestial. In the lore, a celestial is a higher being from a celestial realm, and are praticly gods to the people of the lower planes. Humans from this earth are the celestials, and our plane of existence is the celestial realm. The worlds we create in our heads become the lower planes of "fiction," and Zutara is a lower plane created by me, KrimsonKatt.

ThiefMaster is a celestial from our world who incarnated as an NPC in Meteo Chronicles. He thinks he's playing a VR MMO like Sword Art Online or something since he's from 35 years into the future from one possible timeline when really he's entered into another's lower plane through his dreams. He's just too stupid to realize he's not in a game, that everything he's experiencing is real. He's immortal because when he dies he can just make a new character as his body in Meteo Chronicles isn't his real body, it's just a vessel for his celestial spirit.

Normally when a being dies in the lower plane of Zutara they die for good, but the player characters we control don't because they have Kairos' blessing who saves, loads, and rewinds the universe when things go wrong in order to ensure that his mysterious "true history" comes to pass. The beings of Zutara can never learn the horrible truth that everything they do is predetermined and that they're just characters in a video game, because that would break them and cause them to rebel against the system aka me. Heck, that's the entire core of a plot twist later down the line in this series, so yeah.

And about technology levels in Zutara, I tried to go for a more sci-fi/fantasy sort of setting, like Xenoblade 1 for example, but was limited by the tilesets available in MV. Like, in the lore they have guns, machines, electricity, modern plumbing like toilets and sewer systems, proper running water, they take frequent baths, ect. They still use swords and other short-ranged weaponry instead of just guns because guns and machines are actually magic and therefore drain ether/magic energy to use. Gunpowder, oil, coal, and other fossil fuels don't exist in their world. (yet)

They have a very basic internet framework, but only the Wingli have it and it's still late 90s/early 2000s internet with online forums and stuff. No google, no amazon, no social media like Facebook/Twitter, ect. There are no megacorps, every shop is a small business. Ferngulf is a representative democracy with decentralized capitalism and Morda Vael is a communist constitutional monarchy. (the good kind of communism, checks and balances exist to ensure that the government doesn't seize the means of production from the people and become facist)

When characters mention real-world things that don't exist in their world (I think there was an NPC in a previous version that referenced blues clues or something) those are errors in the writing that slipped through, as once again I didn't write a script for this and wrote everything on the fly, though I did have a basic outline for the plot written down. Everything else is pretty consistent, and the rest are just silly jokes not meant to be taken seriously like the Persona 4 reference you mentioned with Jean De Arc. (that would be Koros' persona if he was from the Persona universe Amala 11103. That's the actual cannon name in Megaten lore for the persona universe, actually.)

As for your other issues, all of them are being worked on as we speak. The ENTIRE game is being rebalanced for 2.0, meaning that most multi hit skills are not nearly as OP, every class has a new moveset, new classes have been added and old classes have been restructured, split, or sometimes even removed, the encounter rate has been greatly reduced, Skull Cavern and Frozen Crypt are now fully fledged dungeons, Tower of Babel has been greatly simplified, all glitches have been fixed as the game is now properly playtested, and gold distribution has been completely rebalanced. (way smaller numbers)Not to mention all the new content like two additional ending routes, new/fleshed out story chapters, better fast travel, interconnected areas instead of a world map, multiple new bosses and areas, an actual quest log, and more. Anyways that's all the time I have for today. I have to go back to playing Metroid Dread on my Nintendo Switch Lite.

Edit: Also, Koros never kills anyone close to him? Did we play the same game? Kairos didn't tell Koros to kill Krom. Koros lost control of his powers and killed Krom in self defense after being stabbed by him. Plus Krom was an asshole, Koros never really liked him anyways. And for Tayo, Tayo NEVER wanted to hurt his friends. He only did so because his body was being controlled by Baetylus. This is made very clear in game. Tayo was not willing in any of those scenarios. And the characters do have a reason for doing what they're doing. Both Koros and Tayo want to stop the crimson meteor along with Koros kinda being forced to by his focus and Tayo wanting to atone for his past actions as a bandit.

To be fair I didn't give that good of an explanation for Zenith joining the party, but I'll work on that in the story updates in 2.0. Stacy joins the party as an excuse to leave her home and so she can travel the world to get the scions back. She stops Baron Ozma because he's evil, and same goes for any other villain. Jeht joins because he has a crush on Tayo and wants payback for the Ebony Order falsely imprisoning him and his family after his father discovered Trello's plans. I think those are pretty good motivations.

And about them being bloodthirsty, I don't really see that? Yeah, they kill a lot of villains, but what other JRPG protagonist doesn't? That isn't being bloodthirsty, this is simple JRPG logic. In Final Fantasy VII did the characters show any mercy on Rufus? Or Jenova? Or Sephiroth? In even freaking Kingdom Hearts, a disney game, did the characters show mercy on any of the actually evil organization members? (Ansem, Saix, Laurxene, Marluxia, Xigbar, Xenmas, Venitas, Young Xehanort, Terranort, etc) Or the Disney villains? Or Xehanort himself? Of course not. The main characters kill them because they're evil, or they die and are then resurrected and redeemed.

Not every RPG is Undertale where every "villain" is sympathetic and can be spared. Yeah, villains should have motivation and not be like "lol I'm evil because I'm evil" like Garon from Fire Emblem Fates, but not every villain should be redeemable or even live. Baron Ozma has motivation, but he's still evil and has to be stopped. There's nothing wrong with killing off the bad guys in an RPG. Or are you talking about the oracles? They're actually pretty tragic characters now that I think about it. Maybe I should add a sidequest in 2.0 that allows you to see them again? Visiting Selice Shrine in Morda Vael or something to fuse the 4 broken shards of the oracle's animus to get them as a summon? IDK. But the main characters of MC aren't bloodthirsty, they're just doing their job, defeating evil and stuff.

Edit 2: Sorry if I sounded angry back there. I'm really not. I really appreciate the review, no matter how critical the review is. I can ensure you I'm working on all the issues and will make this game worth playing in the end. So, yeah, thanks for the review. Really appreciate it.

Zero Gear Fighters (Old) Review

Thanks! Good luck to you too on whatever you plan to do as well.

Zero Gear Fighters (Old) Review

I plan on doing everything from the ground up when I do the remake, from the graphics to the music to the gameplay to the story. It's basically it's own thing. It will also use a separate game page, so you don't have to worry about rating shenanigans or whatnot.

Very few aspects will be carried over. Just the general base ideas, which is stuff like the progression and character build-up. I already have the entire updated plot completely planned out, as well as general ideas for the gameplay.

Zero Gear Chronicles will be more of a reboot/reimagining of this game rather then a remake with only better graphics and gameplay and stuff. It will also be set in the new Chronicles of Chronicles universe instead of the continuity of Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension.

All the suggestions you gave in the review I've already known for a long time and most of it doesn't apply to the reboot. For example, the new game does not have that instant death minigame anymore, and has a completely different plot. Your sister doesn't even get captured in this version. Instead, Zero, now named Sero, who is now definitively female, is a mercenary trying to raise money to help treat her little sister who's really sick. She gets a job to collect the 4 mystical crystals of Morda Vael for a reward of 100 Billion Bux.

The plot only gets deeper from there, as with every crystal Sero collects things begin to get worse and worse for both the world and her own sister, leading to the question if Sero is doing the right thing. It also features a class-change system similar to Final Fantasy V and Bravely Default, and has a unique feature where since there are no magickal classes like wizards and such that you can use, you instead use drops from enemies to craft items that teach spells to characters so any class or character can use any spell.

As you can see, Zero Gear Chronicles will be a lot different from Zero Gear fighters, making it a completely different game. Thanks for the input though.

Zero Gear Fighters (Old) Review

While I am happy you chose to review my game, I am disappointed that you chose to review this one out of all of them. Zero Gear Fighters was my very first released game (I made one game before this which was never publicly released) and when I made this game I was incredibly inexperienced and barely even knew the engine. Keep in mind that this was 5 years ago, 2015, so I was a lot less experienced back then and didn't really know what I was doing. The story, gameplay, mapping quality, and the amount of bugs, glitches, and spelling and grammar errors were certainly not up to my current standard. This was technically my "first game" after all. Please do note that the quality of this game does not meet my current skill-level in writing or game design, and that I have improved tremendously in the last 5 years. I will now add a warning on the top of the game-pages of the majority of my older games to tell people NOT to play it. Anyways, thanks for the review, and I hope you check out my later games like Meteo Chronicles (a reimagining of my first ever project) and the upcoming Zero Gear Chronicles. (a reimagining of this very game) Bye!

Edit: Actually, the game is fully complete. It is not a demo, but IDK why the game crashes on the penultimate boss and I don't plan on fixing it anytime soon. You're not missing much, just the lame final boss and stupid ending that doesn't really matter anyways since this game and it's sequel Dragon Ascension aren't even canon anymore. You are free to add your 1-star rating. I don't mind.

Edit 2: Actually by 2015, literally the only RPGs I'd played were Pokemon games. I was obsessed with Pokemon back then, and still am to a certain extent, but much less so than back in the ORAS/base SM days. It wasn't until 2017 when my dad bought me literally every single Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts game available and a PS4 for play them. I then binged every FF game from 1 to 12. (excluding FF2 FF3 and FF8) Playing those games I learned quite a bit about RPG storytelling, gameplay, and dungeon design. Heck, Generic RPG Quest 3 was nearly a 1-to-1 ripoff of the first Final Fantasy on NES, so yeah. So maybe that's why Zero Gear Fighters resembles Pokemon so much. The only other games I had back then other then Pokemon were Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Sports, Kirby's Return to Dreamland and Epic Yarn, LEGO Star Wars and Smash Bros. My view of gaming was very narrow due to my stict parents until 2016 when I got Fire Emblem Fates. After that the floodgates (IE T-rated games which RPGs were) were open.

Crypt Challenge DX (OLD) Review

Okay, sure. I'll make the Excalibur more OP in the 1.2 update. Thanks again for the feedback!

Crypt Challenge DX (OLD) Review

The holy water wasn't meant to be THAT overpowered, maybe I should nerf it in the next update. However, it was mainly added so it could actually be possible to defeat the Almighty Lich (stronger version of the Lich that you fight in the endings B and C routes) and get the joke ending. (Ending Z) I'll probably add an ending guide pretty soon as well as a final update.

Crypt Challenge DX (OLD) Review

Good ideas. I like what you're saying. Everyone gives different scores in different ways, and that's fine. However, what reasons am I supposed to give to add in humorous moments into a somewhat serious story? Breath of Fire (one of my major inspirations) did this exact same thing and people still praised those games, what am I doing wrong and how can I better incorporate humor into my serious stories? In my mind, a story can't just be all serious or all silly, there needs to be a balance between silly and serious moments. Most RPGs do exactly that with adding in funny moments and I'm basically doing what they did, so what exactly is the problem? Also, if you didn't know this already, there is a feature that allows you to run away from battles at an 100% success rate, so if you don't want to fight you don't have to. (except for story fights. Only works for random encounters.) I should have made that a bit more obvious, but there are no towns in my game to add NPCs into and due to the circumstances it would be weird to have signs telling you what to do as this IS the bad guy's lair and your literally traveling with
the big bad
so it wouldn't make sense for
her to give info.
The two other bad endings you get for eating the fruit BEFORE the final battle as that activates a switch that can be triggered in the cutscene before the final fight to give you the other bad endings.

Dragon Ascension (Old) Review

Also the whole Godlith VS Morgoth plot has been scrapped in the new version of the story, but luckily there is other lore that you will possibly be into even more!

Dragon Ascension (Old) Review

Yeah, this game is really bad and very broken. I made it half a decade ago, and it shows. It's not great. However if you like what you see in the world building and story, then you should check out my upcoming games in the Chronicles of Chronicles series. The first series of games are full re-imaginings of my first three RPG Maker games, Chronicles of Light, Zero Gear Fighters, and Dragon Ascension. These games are Meteo Chronicles, Zero Gear Chronicles, and Ebony Chronicles. (a remake of this game.) If you want to see how much I have improved since this game, check out Crypt Challenge DX, which I released last year. It currently has a 2/5 (same as this game) though I think it deserves far better that this mess. Always, thanks for the review, and bye!

Crypt Challenge DX (OLD) Review

Thank you for the review! I really enjoyed it. I always like to add a bit of humor to my story in an otherwise serious plot, but I can see where to tonal changes might have rubbed you the wrong way. I'll probably fix the fenix down issue in a later patch. The balancing is bad, that I can admit, and if I could do it all again Koros would probably start at Lv.60 or something and have more multi-target attacks to make himself more useful. Yeah, I did make the "twist" pretty obvious, but hey, at least it has a twist! Chili is meant to be OP to clue you on to her true identity, but I think I made her a little TOO OP. The first secret boss is linked to the mirror, you have to click on it 8 or so times and winning the battle with give you a useful assessory. That serious plot elements which are not connected to the main story are linked to a future game called Meteo Chronicles which I am working on right now. Truth be told, I should have released this after that game for more context and I sorta hap-haphazardly shoehorned in an old plot from a old event game that I wasn't allowed to post into a new game that ties in with my future projects, which wasn't really the right choice. I hope you understand, and thank you for the review.

(One question though, you said the game only suffers from a few minor problems, so why a 2/5 / 4/10? That's a pretty low rating, and could draw people away from my game when they see that. I think a 3/5 / 6/10 is more accurate. Despite this, thanks for the review anyways!)
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