Notes From Province
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Notes From Province

The download has been updated to v1.1.13, which matches the latest version on Steam and includes the Guiding Light fix.

Notes From Province

Condition damage increases the damage from conditions: Bleed, Poison, Disease, Burn, and Wildfire.

Notes From Province

Try returning to Frost Fall Pass. That should help with most of the list.

The Dancing Gold Star comes from the minigame in the dance studio by the church. If the game is too difficult, you can always cheat by writing down the dance moves.

Once you have all notes and all todos, you've essentially completed the game. If you're playing the Steam version, there's a few extra achievements for things that don't have a note/todo.

Notes From Province

The Notes From Province guide / walkthrough is finally here! Thanks to Kiyoshiro for pouring lots of hard work into this one.

Check it out!

Notes From Province

The harbor thief, a well known gambler, knows the secret to the gambling den. Once you've proven your strength to Luciana, she will start the harbor thief quest.

Feel free to jump onto the game's Discord server if you need quicker answers/help with the game!

Major Update! New items, more furniture, combat updates, Steam support

Quick follow up patch.

  • Fixed a bug where Crankeye would never stop talking about Elder God
  • Added a missing rock pushing tutorial to the puzzle cave behind the inn

  • Fixed a crash when redeeming a Winning Ticket on a new save file
  • Fixed a crash when entering Jim Jam's house

  • Added an Options menu to the title screen
  • The game now defaults to fullscreen
  • Fixed a bug where Jack and Zack would enter the bar before it was open
  • Rio now lets players know they need to speak with him to dance again
  • Visiting Melody, Bolinda, or Mama Cici's house before you meet them will show an alternate message

  • Fixed a typo in the Vladio's Knickknacks item
  • Fixed a bug where loading a save wouldn't respect volume settings until restarting the game
  • Updated the weather to have slightly less rain

Notes From Province is coming to Steam!

Thanks everyone! Steam version is now live :)

Notes From Province

Glad you found him!

Dego Review

Thanks for the review!

Some bonus (fun??) facts:

I've never looked at hard mode so I really can't say if they become more often there or not.

Hard mode is mostly about getting items with cooler abilities, though there are a few extra quests. They show up in the Battle Arena.

Some brave soul has documented them on the wiki:

The random nature of these finds makes buying them rather unappealing though since you can drop 500 gold on a pair of wings to simply learn you spent 500 gold coins on wings you had already unlocked.

Buying from the shop will randomly unlock clothes you don't already own. Same with picking up clothes from treasure chests.

Another issue is that the game really favors ranged and magic based classes. This is because a lot of enemies in this game spam offensive magic with little warning so avoiding certain attacks if your within melee range is basically impossible.

All enemy melee attacks have a 1 second tell to give players a chance. Also, when using a melee weapon, there's a hidden buff to damage and defense to help (though it never really did).

On a more positive note you have infinite inventory space in this game so you don't have to warp out of the dungeon every now and again to sell of useless crap which really grinds my gears in some of the later dungeons in "Shining Soul" and "Shining Soul II".

There's actually a limit of 50 items, but the game doesn't tell you and silently deletes your inventory :(

Notes From Province

That game is tough. I try to lure the slimes into a corner for as long as possible to maximize the open space, then lure them into the opposite corner.