Even newspapers have those nowadays.
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[RM2K3] Rpg Maker Maniacs Patch (for official version)

Yeah, already contacted him on twitter.

[RM2K3] Rpg Maker Maniacs Patch (for official version)

Awesome patch. It still isn't DynRPG, but looks neat. Wish it came with English instructions though.

@Cherry: Could you at least port Audieremony when you have some free time to the 1.12a? Really wish more audio formats were supported since even MP3 is dated now.

//edit: Any way of contacting Bingshan? I want to try and convince him to publish patch notes and readme in English (and if he doesn't speak English, ask someone who knows both English and Japanese to translate).

[RM2K3] Know of any turn-based CBS tutorials?

I've decided to make my game in 2k3 because it's most performant of the engines (and some of the stuff that I want to do would tank even VX Ace which is most performant "modern" RM) However, this leaves me in a tricky spot regarding battle system which is both buggy and not really what I want anyway (for example, I want to replace menu items with icons and no, EXFONT won't satisfy me on that one, another thing is that in RM2k3 there isn't really a way to customize battle formulas).

I can find plenty of tutorials on Zelda-like CBS, but I really want to do turn-based one. Do you know of any tutorials for turn-based CBS in 2k/2k3?

What is the best RPG Maker alternative

I like Wolf RPG Editor, but its interface can be confusing to newcomers.

Nah, I would survive its interface (frankly it's something between RM95 and rm2k/3), but the fact that it isn't fully translated (some strings are hardcoded into the exe so you need hex editor to fully translate it) really puts me off. And combined with the fact that the documentation had received only Google Translate-level translation...

Change the system font in RPG Maker 2003

While this is cool and all, the problem is that it's hard to make a nice font at the resolution RM needs them to be so what you'll make will either end up looking like MS Gothic/MS Mincho anyway or will be hardly legible.

Make your RM2000/2003 Game Work without RTP - 2019

As for steps 3-5, I always just end up copying entirety of RTP into my project. I mean, it's not big, unlike with newer makers, mostly midi songs and 8-bit PNGs so the game won't weight much compared to modern games.

Pixel Game Maker MV is going to SUCK

It seems to be based on the same buggy core framework RMMV is based on. Some of these bugs consist of:

- General lag (It has troubles to run on mid to low range systems where similar engines of more complex nature such as Unity or GM can run fine for 2D games.
- JavaScript. JavaScript never changes. It's always has been one of the slowest sceripting languages and the only reason V* engine gave any sort of improvement is because it basically caches everything throwing as much memory at the JS as possible. Which again, contributes to the previous point. Lua would be much better scripting backend, especially if it'd be LuaJIT
- Audio lag, because RM MV is dumb and decides to load entire music file instead of streaming it like any sane engine does. And don't say that it's not possible - DSE-AudioLagFix proves it is.

Not saying PGM MV will have these as well for sure but given the fact some of these issues are inherent to the technologies in use in both and higher than likely chance PGM MV will have similar plugin architecture to RM MV, it's almost certain these issues will move onto PGM MV.

What is the best RPG Maker alternative

It isn't silly at all. The grindalf's post... While RPG Wizard isn't what I'm looking for (and probably never will), it haven't shown in my google searches either. Couple of other RM-like engines that I know for sure exist (even if they still also aren't what I'm looking for) also didn't so it's entirely possible somewhere there is a site about RM-like software that suits my needs, is being developed and its developer is just not good at SEO.

What is the best RPG Maker alternative

Yeah, tried google, but it didn't turned much up aside of what I already knew. Was just hoping someone heard of some more obscure programs. Needs eventing or some other sort of visual scripting though, if I've wanted to code everything, I'd use a regular game engine anyway.

0.31 Released

Where can I download it? Because there is no button of any kind.