Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.



Dwarf Fortress history generation algorithms?

I like to write interactive fiction from time to time. Unfortunately every IF game comes to an end quite quickly. So I wondered how cool it'd be to make text adventure game that is completely procedurally generated to give you story that is always different. Still there'd be lot to write but hardest part would be find to stitch it together in somewhat logical fashion.

Then I've remembered that Dwarf Fortress already does something similar for the world's history. So, do you have any articles/resources on how DF's history generation is achieved?

I think I found some graphical glitches.

Karins, try different browser, like Firefox. Maybe it's bug in Chrome. I am absolutely baffled by it. Even though I've made several sites in the past, with big usage of CSS2 and after it became widely supported CSS3 as well, never I've come under such issue.

Kentona, as a temporary fix, could you make it so divs containing links can have scrollbars if needed? While it won't fix underlying issue, it'll make it more bearable for people who experience it and would be good until proper solution is found.

mysteries of rpgmaker?

Biggest mystery of RPG Maker: Why people think Pom gets WiFi is any good. This game is godawful!

I think I found some graphical glitches.

Tried to zoom max in and still it doesn't cut links. Weird. What browser do you have?

The next RPG Maker

Well, in older engines it was possible to change window size via scripting, not so much in case of Ace. They just fucked it up. Wanted to say it nicer, but it's the only way I can express how I feel about that. They fucked it up.

Also VX autotile "format"... bleargh... Seriously? I'd be willing to accept limited tiles in VX/VX Ace if they'd leave XP's autotile format.

I think I found some graphical glitches.

Hm, doesn't happen to me (no profile overlapping nor cutting out links after Youtube), but I have VERY short name. I have question, what is your screen resolution? Low screen res may explain cutting off.

What makes a good MMORPG?

There is no such thing as good MMORPG. There are only less obnoxious ones.

Fidchell will stream your games!

Fidchell, considered moving to Hitbox? Not only it is ContentID-free but also chat is more responsive.

The next RPG Maker

what about a button you can press to get a picture of a dog, any dog, totally at random

I think that would be a neat + cool thing to have

I realize that was a joke, but more features in character editor that would make possible to make non-humanoid characters would be cool IMO.

The next RPG Maker

Also, a return to how 2k/3 handled events. As it stands VX and Ace have trouble with having too many events on one map - even if they have no commands in them. 2k/3 dealt with that a lot better.

That's because events are now interpreted by event interpreter written in Ruby, which is slow language (not as slow as say, Python, but still). If they'd change language used by RM's scripting system to say, Lua (preferably using LuaJIT), it would run much faster though scripters would have some adjusting to do (different syntax).

Anyway, the reason events are processed in 2k3 way faster than in XP and newer is because in 2k3 events are processed directly by machine code (event interpreter written in same language rest of RM2k3 was, Delphi that is) without intermediate layer of Ruby or another scripting language.

Unfortunately if they'd go back to how they handled events in 2k3, there would be no way, except for Game.exe patches to affect how event interpreter works. So no custom message systems that can take more than default 4 lines, etc.

Well, at least event speed in Ace isn't as bad as it was in XP. It still isn't as fast as in 2k3, but gets close. My friend even made event-based ABS in Ace.