Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.



[RM2K] [RM2K3] Why separate "tsukuru" categories?

I have problem with that, since these are essentially the same program, so why it has category dupes for old/unofficial releases? They could be just as well merged with no harm done whatsoever since many of the tutorials, unless they use stuff introduced in the "official" version (in which case it should be disclosed) can apply to both official and unofficial releases.

RPG maker window is off??

Which version of RM? Without that we can't help you.

Anyone can recommend a good midi editor?

It should be a free one, with a tracker-style interface if possible. Already tried Anvil Studio and Aeria Maestosa and for the first one I don't like the business model of it and the program is more for the people who can read sheet music (which I can't) and Aeria Maestosa, well... it just looks bloody awful and its piano roll mode isn't really worth a damn.

Also, it should support playing notes with a regular keyboard (I don't have nor can afford a MIDI one).

Please don't recommend DAWs such as SunVox or "regular" trackers such as Open MPT. I know I can technically make a midi with them, but will then have to muck with setting up instruments so they will export right for the song and I can forget about things like setting event 111 so RM can recognize a loop.

And in case anyone want to suggest Radium (which is one of the first results for "midi editor with a tracker-like interface" on google, don't bother - already checked it. Midi import only.

[RM2K3] Looking for a tutorial for making a custom, turn-based battle system in events

Not adjusting the default one, but making one completely from scratch. Can someone help me with it? Link to the tutorial is fine.

I have searched, but came up only with tutorials that add on to the default one via battle events and so on, not some about making custom turn-based system on events. I've came also across tuts about making a real-time battle system, but I want to make turn-based one.

Need testers for my game

Ace. Why would I use Zelda Classic?


Ok, thanks for the info

(ok but seriously yeah that does look a lot better. I wonder if you could hardcode it into the site's functionality. Shouldn't be too hard.)

I think it would be better if it would be "X wrote:", like following:

Rave wrote:
Hurr Wurr Durr Purr

"Remember Me" option

Okay, so how would you remember following password:


Because that's kind of passwords I am using.

"Remember Me" option

The session cookie expires two weeks after it's set. That's all it is.
But inputting my credentials every two weeks is so difficult! I have to press keys and everything!

It's more for remembering password generated from password generator. I have literally reset password every time, because I use safe passwords. So safe in fact that I have myself trouble remembering those.

Does anyone here uses Novelty?

The only similarity with Ren'Py is that it makes VNs. With Novelty you use something like events, pretty much like with RM, with Ren'Py you use... meh.

And AGS... I don't know where are similarities here, honestly.

"Remember Me" option

I've been logged on RMN for years. It's probably something about your browser.

Sorry, but no. All other sites, all phpbb, mybb, smf, vBulletin, XenForo, etc. sites are remembering that I'm logged in. Not RMN. So as you can see this is DEFINITELY not my browser.